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AW M18x battery and AC power cycling need help


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I have an M18x R1  running WIN7 PRO NV580M SLI, however second card was removed due to possible issue. I am running Ahmeds Unlocked BIOS A04. Since I removed the second card I am getting a power cycling issue, the battery charges fine and the system runs fine off AC power but when connected to AC with the battery in and as soon as the battery reaches 100% it starts cycling between on battery power and on AC power.

I have performed a system restore. Restored to stock BIOS then back to unlocked BIOS. Pulled battery connected AC and then put battery back in when windows boots. Ran a power drain by holding the power button three times. Booted on battery alone, then booted on power alone. Nothing has worked.

I am hoping someone has run into this issue and can help me. This is a new system to me and has some differences of the M15x I used to have.

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Interesting problem, I had a few thoughts about this.


Have you tried playing with the pcie link state power management settings in the windows advanced power setting menu? I wonder whether setting it to off, for ac and battery could make a difference


Maybe try a different vbios for your 580m?


Are you running the latest chipset drivers for your machine?


I wonder how a different os would fare in this situation. I would try running Linux off a live USB and see what happens.


Or maybe create a partition on one of your disks, to install windows 10 on for test purposes.


You can get windows 10 licence keys off eBay for a few £ (which I've bought and activated successfully) not bad considering the MSRP of the disc sets with a key.


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