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$2500-$3000 budget for 17"-18" gaming laptop



I'm looking for a new gaming laptop
- $2500-$3000 budget
- Country of purchase: United States
- 17" or 18" screen with 1080p
-Windows OS
- Looking to play games on Max/High settings with 60fps with a GTX 1070
- 16GB RAM
- Weight is not an issue
-Battery life is irrelevant because I will remove the battery and be plugged in whenever in use.
-256GB SSD
-2-4TB HDD, although I'll go with a 1TB HDD laptop if I can just replace it for a larger capacity
-Optical Drive optional
-Must have a built in mic
-Webcam optional
- At least two USB ports, with one USB port on the right side of the laptop
-Backlit keyboard necessary
-I use headphones most of the time so loud fan noise isn't an issue as long as they keep the laptop cool.

Currently I'm looking at the Sager NP9175 (Clevo P775TM-G)

From XoticPC.com for $2393

17.3" 1080p screen
2TB HDD in each bay (4TB total capacity)
No optical for the P775TM so I'll get an "External USB 2.0 8X DVDRW/CDRW Super Multi Combo Drive"

From hidevolution.com for $2742

17.3" 1080p screen,
i7-8700K, Delidded - Unlocked, Under Volted and Overclocked 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8700K 6 Core-12 Thread Processor, 4.7 GHz (HIDevolution Overclocked to 4.8GHz)
2TB HDD in each bay (4TB total capacity )
No optical for the P775TM so I'll get an External DVDRW drive

My last laptop (Sager NP-9377) came from XoticPC.com and I've never bought from hidevolution.

According to this thread,


some are worried that temperatures will be too hot, saying that i7-8700K is too much, and others are not worried about heat. Still, the delidded CPU is supposed to help with temps so is it worth paying the extra ~$350, or can I go with XoticPC without worrying? The thread contains positive comments about HIDEvolution and their work with Clevo laptops.

Any other laptop recommendations similar to my criteria are welcome. This is what I came up with so far but I haven't settled yet. Thanks.

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Hi, I found a new Clevo reseller in the US. I read about them in some European forums and they seem fine. 


I checked on their website configuration you wrote (but with higher SSD) and the price is better:



I did configuration here: https://dreammachines.io/en/configurator/X1070-17NA32


I thought this might help you.

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Don't know if you already bought your laptop but there's also http://www.sagernotebook.com/home.php

Best prices I've found and lot's of configuration options.


Also I don't know if your planning on gaming only but have you seen the new I7-8750H, seems like a good bet for the money and plenty enough for games.

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you may also want to consider a potentially different route by going with the p870tm. SLI ready and likely to still be supported in years to come. it also has a lot of ports. 





Xotic comes with a 1080. 

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