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G750JY nvidia 980m how many gigs? (long post)


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I'm new in this forum, but I'm reading and learning a lot from your experiences. (thank you)
I bought a used asus ROG G750JY, which had problems with its nvidia (error 43), freeze, and blank screen.
I tried changing the system (win10 --> win8  --> win8.1 --> win10), the drivers, and finally the vbios.
I do not know what kind of action the previous owner did on notebook, but at the moment it seems that the video card has 4 gigs and not 8.
I tried to update with many versions of nvflash, both from windows and dos, but without success.
Then I saved the current bios and changed the values through maxwell bios tweaker. I do not know if the default values were correct for the card, so I ran a cpu and ram downclock.
flashing the bios in this way, the board is recognized and started without any problems.
Now, how can I proceed to solve the problem entirely?
I tried to flash 8 gig BIOS ASUS but I get "gpu mismatch" errors.


Thank you very much

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I just saw your post...and im desperately looking for a vbios of the 980m from a G750JY. And you saved yours, do you still have the file ? That would be really helpful :frantics:


Thank you very much for your time.

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