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Clevo P150em and HD 7970 problem

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I have a problem with the
Clevo P150
I have installed various drivers, old ones, Windows 7 SP1 , Widows 10 and the same problem. Graphics card error and no sleep and hibernation and trouble with Wi-Fi
long time to connect around 4/5 min.
After installing the drivers most often, the laptop stops responding when the Windows LOGO is displayed. It also happens that it will enter the desktop and then a black screen will appear with the cursor in the upper left corner.
When trying to install new drivers, for example, Intel pops up a window: "Your computer does not meet the minimum hardware requirements"

After analyzing the problem, I came to the conclusion that it was a power problem and it was not a fault of power supply or motherboard just Prema Bios.
My version is:
1.02.17PM v2  Ver
If the bios is bad and you have the same opinion, then please provide a link to the latest version and explain step by step how to upload it.

Another issue is graphics drivers

Which drivers are best for HD7970m




Or maybe with crimson you are acting eg

amd crimson -17.7.2

Maybe I need to change the bios in the graphics card
to the drivers from Crimson to work with
Let's know whether someone succeeded and thanks to him running Battlefield 1
If so please write down how to step by step.

Underneath screenshots:



CC 1.jpg

CC 2.jpg


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The "down arrow" on a device means it's... down, disabled.

Sleep and hibernation might not work if OS detects any hardware problems or driver issues.


Try to remove all the graphic cards along with their drivers in device manager, then install only AMD ones. Intel HD drivers are sometimes included in AMD drivers, and the cards won't work properly unless both cards use the same driver package. I've had some cases like that, the device manager then displays the Intel HD's vendor as AMD.


As for the network adapter it's impossible to tell what's wrong, most likely a mismatched driver as well. What's the error code?


The "Xeon" thing - 3630QM is a 3rd Gen Core processor, that's the part you should be interested in. Everything's fine. Also it's driver for the PCI-E port, not the CPU.

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HD7970m does not work with crimson drivers
So if you do not know any miraculous way to get around this,
I would not want to write stupid. Only concretes interest me.


Hmm, when the down arrow shows off the device, why is it showing me the image, and can I watch, for example, Videos on YouTube? Since the HD7970 has an arrow and the HD4000 is also there.
I installed various versions of the drivers and various cans. Every time I used Display Driver Uninstaller.

The WiFi card does not crash. It just will sometimes turn off.
That is why it is rather some
drivers from the power profile or as I think it is a bios fault.
So your reply is not helpful.

I am waiting for specific models of drivers that work with this penalty and with this processor.
For that I wanted to find out if the Bios I have is 100% ok
And if anyone is going to insert a link to

I do not give a donation because I did not assume that topic in the forum.

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Disabling the graphics card in device manager doesn't make your screen go blank, OS just uses it's basic driver instead, so you see everything but probably in a bad resolution and/or interface may be laggy.


I've found some Alienware drivers, try these.



Before installing them be sure to uninstall drivers for both cards - using their respective uninstallers, and then in device manager - like this:




Don't reboot before installing the new drivers  - it's important, Windows may then install drivers from it's own store, and since you're having problems we already know these don't fit.

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Thank you very much for your time to help me.
But I think we think the same, because I checked the drivers from Dell and MSI
I'm looking through YouTube to find a solution for Crimson drivers to work with HD9790 so I can play BF1
which requires the latest drivers : /
  So far all solutions do not work : /

As for the laptop itself, I know it.
Cool guy that you mentioned this, it shows a high level on the form

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On 9/18/2017 at 9:54 AM, spammyspam said:

The crimson drivers is the way to go

But remember that from crimson -17.7.2 mobile gpu overclocking doesnt work

so if u want to oc i will stick with crimson -17.6.2

if some additional clock isnt a priority then just go with newest one



seems is enough use the beta msi afterburner beta to fix this

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1 hour ago, riccetto80 said:

seems is enough use the beta msi afterburner beta to fix this


No its not, we were speaking about MOBILE amd gpu's overclocking and thats what was broken with 17.7.2 and beyond.

The thing u mentioned is ability to monitor and OC desktop gpu and that what was fixed in beta but it still lacks OC for mobile.

And its not like it require some kind of hotfix from Unwider ( AB creator ) its just AMD that cut it off so if U want to oc yout mobile AMD gpu its only < 17.7.2

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