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noob at m17x r3 questions


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Hi all loving my new m17x r3 first one too XD

just a few questions

1. can i use the gtx 580m on battery?

2. whats the best RAM chips ?

thanks all in advance XD

1. you can use the 580m on battery but I am 90% sure it will throttle it or reduce the gaming ability so that gaming really wouldn't be a lot of fun. This can also depend on what games your playing or what apps your using also. There are people on here that do know more about graphic switching then I.

2. ram chips and which are the best can be a personal choice. I prefer Corsair Vengeance myself and they work great in my M17x R3. Great thing about the M17 is it allows up to 4 sticks so there is a lot of room to expand to what you need or want.

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