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Alien MX17R3 + GTX680M Not Working - Help me J95, You're my only hope


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Put the  GTX680M into my Alienware after the original card burned out. Worked fine for a while, with the help from a modded driver from another site. But for almost a year now I can't use it other than as a standard vga card. Someone at Notebookreview directed me to a post where someone got it working with a driver from this site, but the link is now dead.


When I try to boot in normal mode, with the modded driver from the other site (which worked for months), after the splash screen, the screen goes black and the system appears to lock up. I've reinstalled many times with the modded driver from the other site, and uninstalled Experience, and same problem. Nobody seems able to help on the 2 other forums I was using.


So, is there perhaps a better modded driver from here that might work? Would someone be so kind as to point me to its general location?


Alienware MX17R3 with GTX680M - CPU: I7, OS: Win7, User: bummed out.


Thanks for any help.

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I have the same issue, my alienware m17x r3 have a 680m and the FPS drop a lot...I play CS GO with like 40 FPS =/ BUT some times the card work correctly, it depends on the charger! But when it happens I can't remove my charger, if I remove the charger the FPS drop again =( now my alienware is fixed in the desk for like 1 month without remove the charger lol [emoji23]

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Well, not exactly the same. You just lose FPS. I get a total black screen at boot and can't even use the sytem other than in safe mode or with a default standard VGA driver. I'd settle for low frame rates if I could just use the card. I'm thinking it's got to be some strange driver issue.... but nobody seems to be able to help with this.

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On Friday, June 23, 2017 at 8:56 PM, Fade said:

But for almost a year now I can't use it other than as a standard vga card.

If it worked previously and nothing else has changed on the software-end then it is surely a sign of a dying card. Baking it will have a good chance of extending its livespan for another year or so.

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