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BAKED unlocked and stock BIOS for CLEVO TM, KM, DM and P6/P4 series

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Is there any workaround to use the modded 2.0 BIOS with a 75Hz G-sync P870KM1? 

I'd like to use this unlocked bios but without losing G-sync. 


Any help/advice is much appreciated. 

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Hi BAKED! Does your BIOS for P7xxTM/1/G enable  128GB RAM support? Thanks!

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Hi.  yesterday i flashed vga bios version. then i update windows and reboot my screen doesn't show anything even boot logo even though it still boots into win i know because i can hear sound and number key light up.  who can help me?

This is version vga bios i use


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    • By fra
      hi, could someone help me showing the advanced option in the bios of the dell inspiron 3501? because i need to change the ram speed which are actually bios locked and increasing the power limit. thanks in advance. 
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      Hello everyone just a little question. 
      i've just flash my p751dm2-g with the backed's bios and i gonna overclock it of course but i don't know how to clear cmos on this laptop.
      i have find nothing about it in the manual so i ask here. 
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      Hello everyone I'm new on this forum and i'm new with clevo laptop. 
      I've recently buy a second hand laptop a clevo p751dm2-g with a i7 6700k and a 1070 mxm and unfortunatly the bios is locked i can't overclock my cpu or my ram. :sadge: 
      So i wanted to know if you guys on this forum have alternative solution to oc your cpu and your ram with a locked bios. 
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      I spent all my energy looking for an unlocked version of the bios and did not find the last chance for you
      BIOS Backup  https://www.sendspace.com/file/15trvy
      Need advanced tab
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