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Modding my GTX980m


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Hello everyone.

I registered for this site just to address this problem.  Someone told me you guys were the best at these kind of issues.  I want to upgrade my HP Z1 workstation from it's paltry K3000m to a GTX980m.  I have read posts that indicate that this can be done.  So, I bought a new one from a vender here in China.  After modifying the .inf file, the drivers loaded (cool!) but I had to downgrade to Windows 7 to do it successfully.  Windows10 was unresponsive.  My problem is that even after loading my drivers, Windows still finds a problem.  I know this can be done because others have used Nvidia GTX gpu's in their Z1.   I flashed the bios in my computer, used an older driver and tried everything I can think of.  Is there a way to flash the bios in the gpu to make it compatible?  Thanks guys for any advice you can give.

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