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Solder missing RAM-holdings on the mainboard

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my HP 8770w was sold with a Dualcore-CPU. I am now using an i7 3920XM, but there are missing two RAM-holdings on this mainboard (Many manufactures leave them out on dualcore MBs :pirate: ). The 4-RAM-MB is too expensive just for this approach. So I tried to solder the missing RAM-Holdings on the Mainboard by hand: RAM-Solder.jpg


But the Laptop does not boot, if I add a RAM to the new holding (Same behaviour as like booting without any RAM). The Laptop still works, if I left the new holding empty.


QUESTION: Is it possible, that a 3-RAM-configuration principally does not work and I will have to add the 4th module? Have anyone here successfully expanded the number of RAM-holdings?

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Did you went over every 2 pins and checked for continuity in them?

Also, the socket plastic seems melted, not everybody can do it, is not hard I guess but is not something everybody can do it.


Last thing... could there be a custom bios required/custom bios options to unlock both banks of memory or maybe some small resistors/capacitors around that are missing as well?

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The plastic is a bit melted, because I used too high temperature with the fan :angel:  But this is only at the surface, the pins look OK. I tested against shortcuts using an ohmmeter and none of the pins is loose. Which does off-curse not mean, that the electrical connection is OK...


I don't think, it's the BIOS - the System does not start, if there is a RAM in the holding, so it gets principally recognized.


I will need extreme fine equipment when I try this again :D

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