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Titanfall 2 Port Forwarding / Port Triggering / UPnP


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Hello, Everyone.

Today i want to start a topic on what ports should be used for Titanfall 2, As there is not much information for doing so that i could find anyway i hope this clears something up for someone out there and this topic can grow and aid the people who need this information.


So.... when sniffing packets with Wireshark and seeing what ports Titanfall 2 is using The ports are just here below,


You'll need to go into your Router and look for the feature called Port Forwarding/Port Triggering and enter each on both UDP and TCP protocols.

Protocol: TCP/UDP: 37815, 38005. 37005

These are the ports for the PC version only !!!!


Consoles such as Xbox and PS4 could very well be using different ports. this has not been tested on a console only for PC


If you do not know how to port forward your router this is a great source of information to use when dealing with different model routers



Thanks everyone Hope this topic grows and everyone gets what they need.



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