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i7 920xm extreme no turbo boost after clean windows 10 install

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Hi guys,


Apologies for posting on multiple forums. I cant seem to get ThrottleStop to work since reinstalling windows 10.


Previously Throttlestop seemed to be the only way to get the Turbo Boost functioning and it was working well. I was running the m15x with an i7920XM and 7970m and all working great (after a minor BIOS blip with the 7970m). However, I hadn't used the laptop for about a year (built a new desktop) and wanted to get it ready to sell (hence the clean Windows install). I've now reinstalled windows and ThrottleStop but now the multiplier doesn't seem to change no matter what settings I tweak. It just stays at a multiplier of 9 which kind of defeats the point of having the i7 Extreme.


Has anyone come across this? Maybe i'm just forgetting something (its been a while). Maybe I've installed it wrong?


Set Multiplier ticked and set to 16T, Disable Turbo unticked, Power Saver unticked, TRL set to 26, 25, 20, 20.


Please help!

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    • By TetroM
      Hello everyone,
      My new laptop Thunderobot Zero 11800H_RTX3060 have a locked bios. I tried CPU undervolt via ThrottleStop utility and Intel XTU utility, but they didn't work. I heard I need to unlock advanced settings in BIOS to unlock these utilities. So, I need help to unlock hidden advanced settings. Thanks!
    • By Apollo93
      Hello everyone,
      I have a Lenovo Y50-70 touch, i7-4700, gtx 860m. I'm having some throttling issues with games on MINIMUM settings. Most games, load up screens and such are causing major stuttering. I'm running them windowed right now to monitor values on nvidia inspector and throttlestop. MSI afterburner isn't giving me much information. 
      I'm getting PL2, EDP and POWER errors on throttlestop. Active throttling.
      Here are some timestamps and data.
                DATE     TIME      MULTI  C0% CKMOD BAT_mW  TEMP    VID      POWER
      2021-02-11  00:56:32  31.97   18.7  100.0       0                 59   0.9537   19.9   EDP
      2021-02-11  01:18:33  31.93   90.8  100.0       0                 78   0.9259   46.4
      2021-02-11  01:18:34  31.96   92.6  100.0       0                 79   0.9244   46.1
      2021-02-11  01:18:35  31.61   99.3  100.0       0                 78   0.9259   47.5   PL2
      2021-02-11  01:18:36  31.57   97.3  100.0       0                 80   0.9050   47.4
      2021-02-11  01:18:37  31.40   94.1  100.0       0                 79   0.9219   47.3
      2021-02-11  01:18:38  31.55   90.9  100.0       0                 80   0.8866   47.1
      2021-02-11  01:18:39  31.47   92.2  100.0       0                 80   0.9244   47.5   PL2
      2021-02-11  01:21:13  31.98   53.9  100.0       0                 90   0.9160   40.6
      2021-02-11  01:21:14  31.87   61.3  100.0       0                 92   0.8962   41.6
      2021-02-11  01:21:15  31.43   86.4  100.0       0                 93   0.9170   45.6   PL2
      2021-02-11  01:21:16  31.54   89.7  100.0       0                 93   0.9160   46.1
      2021-02-11  01:21:17  31.20   92.3  100.0       0                 94   0.8962   46.1   PL2
      2021-02-11  01:21:18  31.31   92.3  100.0       0                 95   0.9148   46.5   PL2
      2021-02-11  01:21:19  31.45   88.2  100.0       0                 93   0.9148   46.6
      2021-02-11  01:21:20  31.38   85.6  100.0       0                 95   0.8612   45.9   PL2
      2021-02-11  01:21:21  31.16   90.8  100.0       0                 94   0.9148   46.2
      2021-02-11  01:21:22  31.65   87.2  100.0       0                 94   0.9160   46.3   PL2
      If anyone has any ideas or advice, please don't hesitate to tell me.
      I'd like to avoid buying a new computer, but I've had this unit for about 5-6 years.
      When I first bought it, it did have to get serviced due to a motherboard failure. I did notice the lack of processing power though, it always felt kind of slow after that.
    • By Soapy
      I reversed the input polarity on my m15x jack after a botched psu repair. Computer worked fine, but overall power control is messed up. System only boot on both battery and psu, no battery charge, and a very low battery drain (arround 6wh).
      I aways had battery issues whith my 8 years old m15x after my original battery died. Bought a new one two years ago, didn't work. Checked on upower, basically no info on manufacturer, power or history. So i refunded and used the system hooked on the psu as usual. In August i bought a new one, worked flawlessly for a day. The next day the battery died from nowere. Checked upower, bus was ok, battery was charging extremely slowly (6wh), history showed subpar disharge before shutting down. I got mad at this point, decided that psu was to blame. Opened it, checked everything, noticed some wear on the male jack. Resoldered it, connected on computer. Nothing happened, so i checked the voltage. That's when i realised that i screwed up big time. I swaped the positive and negative wires. Decided that one mistake was enough, so i sent my m15x to a trusted repair shop (latter found that they just hooked the battery and gave me back as soon as it booted, they didnt even open it). Got my pc a week later, but the battery didn't charge . Worse, it was slowly discharging (same 6wh as before), and it needed both the psu and the battery to turn on. At 65%, it worked as usual for my college semester, but the battery is dead, and so is my computer. I bellieve i burned some voltage controller or something. I'm pretty competent at soldering thing's (evem smd components) when i know what to do, and i can understand simple circuit's, but when i got my hands on the m15x datasheet i got overblown. I cant make heads or tails about it. I aways lurked this forum and i bellieve your guys are the best when it comes to finding creative solutions to technical problems concerning microelectronics. I followed a guide in this forum as a teenager to upgrade this same computer to a gtx680m, overclocked stuff, got custom bios, and had a lot of fun learning. The m15x is a deprecated platform, but it's a part of my history that i dont want to let go.
      So please guys, help me.
    • By Adomis63
      Hi guys,
      I'm sorry for making another thread just for this but I really wanted to pick your brains on this!
      I have an m15x with a 770m running windows 7 and everything works. Rock. Solid. I'm pretty happy with it. Since windows 7 is on it's way out, I would like to upgrade to windows 10. Now I've looked into it before and had a really hard time getting the 770m to behave nicely and had all these issues with green/yellow/pink screens and I remember it being a miracle I got it to work on 7 as good as it does.
      My question is how well does the 970m install vs the 770m - particularly on windows 10? I would buy it in a heartbeat if it makes the install less tedious with the colored screens and all that. Especially if all the functions work on it! I have been searching the internet and I cannot find nearly as many problems with the 970m as I could with the 770m, or am I just  not looking in the right places?
      Thanks a million!
    • By true2456
      Hey all, just got my m17xr4 and put my 980m from my m15x (old) in it. I was able to score much higher graphics score in firestrike even though it is a much older machine. I made a custom vbios for the m15x to get rid of any throttling, and am in the process of making on for the m17xr4 but I'm wondering if there is anything else I have missed to deal with the throttling. any help would be appreciated
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