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cooling down the 4700mq in lenovo y510p


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22 hours ago, Tesla said:

Mine are ~41 with normal loads like chrome tabs /w stock voltages.

You could try sanding down the heat sink surface and make sure it is making proper contact with the CPU die.

60c is really high for Idle, Are you using a good thermal paste? I had the same problem before with a cheap thermal paste.

I'm using Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut.

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58 minutes ago, skavi said:

Nope, using the stock configuration.

Just took a couple washers off the GPU and put it on the CPU, so the CPU has 2 washers for each screw, I am also about to dremel the bottom panel so the cooling pad can actually be effective.


Ill report my findings after I finish of course lol, just waiting on the ol' lady to wake up.


EDIT: cancel that, dremel burned out. Guess I have to get a new one, really disappointed right now

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Took the keyboard off and added one washer to the CPU, for a total of 2 washers in per screw. Temps are all over the place...


Anywhere from 82c-91c with -100mv @ 3.4Ghz and 40% utilization.


Well with the Dremel dead cant really do anything at all, and cant justify buying a new one as all local ones are over 100 USD. Putting the y510p in a box for a while. Probably only going to buy the adapter maybe, who knows.


Thanks for the part number, ill likely pick that up after getting a dremel

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I moved the copper heatsinks back to the original positions and temps dropped back to around 82c like it was before


Im probably going to order some switches, and need to look into a new dremel for the future.




That is the 9 cell battery that will elevate the laptop, I asked the guy on NBR and he was kind enough to share that info with me. Not too pricey.

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Battery link
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On 2017. 05. 03. at 1:09 PM, TheReciever said:

Here are the results of my fan swap. Hope you guys find my results well...


You will need excel or some type of excel viewer to view this data in its current form.


@ghoul Were your findings similar in nature when you had the 4700mq?







Can't say for sure, one thing, which is the most important difference, use metal TIM, like CLU.

However, nice test, lots of data, excellent job. if we could measure fan speed, or pwm percentage of it, it could further explain a lot of things.

Higher average, lower max, but as I suspect, lower fan speeed overall. Can you please share pictures of final fan mod, just for the audience? :)

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I have 1G of Grizzly Conductonaut but I dont have any heat resistant tape yet (shipping from china to Korea)


Max Fan over Max Fan is about 8C drop in temps using the same application of thermal paste. I suspect your right though and ill probably want to add that comparison to the data to display how well it works.


Did you use any tape on your liquid metal application?


Ill take some pictures now :)

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14 minutes ago, ghoul said:

Yes, isolation of capacitors is necessary with mobile device, since you move it a lot.  I used quick glue on capacitors, but consider it cannot be revert.

Quick glue = super glue ? Just making sure. I dont mind perma solutions, and i have plenty of glue here lol


I am more concerned about the aluminum portion of the heatsink personally, have you had any issues with that? or did you smear glue on that as well?


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yes, that's it. :)

Don't put liquid metal there :) But I think any insulation tape should be ok.

I didn't used any on that, just don't use whole 1g for 1 cpu and you will be ok.

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Oh ok makes sense to me and cheap too since I already got it. I may consider doing that. For now I am working on my school stuff but if I finish all that before getting the tape then ill go ahead with that.


Thanks man!


I also saw someone with the same fan on the m14x r2 add foil tape to the edges to increase the "length" of the fan blades with positive results so I may try that out while I got it all opened up, will see how things pan out from here.

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With the fan mod and also changing the TIM to Grizzly Conductonaut. I can push the single 755m to around 1320Mhz on the core and top temps are about 67c @ 1.2v

World record is 1280 I think, so thats cool lol


Though the main purpose of this is to reduce CPU temps but it will be difficult to do that with the CPU and GPU heatpipes joined with thermal adhesive so I can do a proper test after having the 755m disabled so that the heatsink manages just one source of heat.


I will also be looking into the microcode exploit and see what I can attain for the CPU.


I am still a bit timid about modding the ultrabay 755m. I am out of liquid metal so I will wait until I get some more before tackling that project.

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I removed the dust filter, Trimmed the fan cover, taped the fan cover to the heatsink for maximum flow, Undervolted it by 75mv.

also applied AS5 and did the washer mod along with Soldering both heatpipes together on the cpu and i Load around 72/73c from before i loaded at 96c which was awful and i had throttling.

Shame on lenovo  I have 4700 with nvidia 755 SLI


Also sorry both of my 755s overclocked load aroud 77c which is weird i wouldve thought the ultrabay would be hotter  I did as5 on both as well.

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