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Using a normal HDMI cable with GDC EXP Beast and a female to female HDMI adapter


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So I have a 3 year old Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga S1 that I travel with and I'm thinking of modding it a bit to take a GDC EXP Beast, my idea is to take out one of speakers and attach a female to female HDMI adapter in it's spot. From there i would use th emPCIe connector, coil it's cable up and connect it to one side of the adapter, seal the laptop up, then all I'd need to plug in the eGPU with a normal HDMI cable. Is this something that could work?

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Theoretically yes.


Practically however, remains to be seen.


I can't imagine how much noise this would add to the signal, considering you're adding so much more physical length to the cabling, not to mention additional socketed connections. The EXP GDC already has enough signal integrity issues with the one socketed connection it already has.


Also, is there really so much space on the inside of the Yoga S1 to conceal the entire mPCIe-to-HDMI cable?

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