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Hey guys.. just curious your opinion on best bang for your buck when it goes to gaming laptop manufacturers. Used to have an Alienware that I liked other than the price tag. Used to custom build desktops but just don't have time anymore. Would rather have a powerhouse portable laptop. Thanks

Crap... sorry. Just now see this is in the desktop forum. 

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The best gaming PC on the planet if cash is no item 


CPU: Up to Intel Core i9-10980HK

Graphics: Up to Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super with 8GB VRAM

RAM: Up to 32GB

Screen: 15.6-inch up to Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels), 300Hz

Storage: Up to 2TB SSD 


Motivations TO BUY: 

+Incredible gaming power 

+Hyper premium form 

+Max 300Hz revive rate 


You can depend on the Asus ROG gaming laptop arrangement to give probably the best gaming PCs available in 2020, and the Strix Scar arrangement demonstrates the fact of the matter: it's packed with amazing segments, looks like it, and will play any game out there without breaking sweat. 

As a matter of fact you will need to pay a great deal for this PC, however on the off chance that you have the money, at that point it's justified, despite all the trouble. You can pack the PC with the absolute best Nvidia GeForce RTX GPUs at present accessible, stick in up to three SSDs if necessary, and even run the most requesting VR encounters directly from this PC. 

Furthermore, shouldn't something be said about that 15.6-inch screen as well – it looks basically dazzling from any point, and can increase to a revive pace of 300Hz on the off chance that you need it to. Unquestionably weigh up whether the Strix Scar 15 is the best gaming PC for you before you investigate whatever else.

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