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[tested & working] - M14x *unlocked* BIOS A07 and A08


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Join the conversation in the fan control thread maybe the issues can be worked around more. Btw having the fan rpm readings shown at all in the sensor window causes latency on the Dell ec me and Mumak suggest disabling those via Sensor window config. Just give a read the the tale end of the HWiNFO fan control thread. AZNPOS posted there and is using your M14x with fan control and no latency issues but on rare occasion he had fan speed drops and is working with us to solve it. Using not the Dell EC cpu temp reading might help solve some fan drop probs we are currently seeing if IntelCPU#0 sensor with cpu temp may run the temp based fan profile you set up better. Either way you would benefit reading that thread more towards the end of it.

The bios fan control hasnt worked for any of these generation Alienware laptops i have same settings in mine and they have no effect since the EC controls all fans in our rigs.

If you want an alternative thought is enable turbo again but set up "Throttle Stop" and tell it tohave two profiles. Normal use and overheating... In the overheating profile set it to non turbo ranges have it be profile 2 and the normal speeds profile 1. Enable alarm on the bottom left in Throttle Stop options and set a DTS temp to switch to the non turbo if you heat up that much... its going to work great like that. Then you have turbo but it runs safer clocks based on a temp you set to switch to that profile. So DTS is the temperature distance from your current temp to the cpus thermal protection temp most are 100c-105c. So set this to what you think is fair. You could set it to 20DTS and it would turn turbo off at 80c+. Then set the profile to switch to under the DTS number you set for the alarm so profile 2 in this case. make sure Throttle Stop is on and now it should be active as soon as 80c is reached youll be on profile 2 now turbo but under 80c it will automatically run profile 1 and can switch very quickly on demand between the two profiles as needed.

In this thread post two i describe the process again and with pics... we have different cpus but it will all work the same.


Hm interesting. I will test how it works with disabled monitoring options. I need to setup something first cause of the bluescreen hangups to prevent damage. And yes the EC Compal fanspeed settings can have bugs at specific fanspeeds. Means it runs lower at some temps even when you set it to a higher rpm. Best would be EC Compal for the detailed possibility of different fanspeeds (1900 / 2900 are nearly not noticable cause of the accoustic frequency it produces f.e.) but it also cause dangerous lockups and BSODs.

Most stable and easiest solution would be to fix the Dell EC mod so it runs at the 3 fixed fanspeeds but with different low and high fanspeeds we can manually adjust. I found out that the problem of the modded Dell EC is that is has no steppings at all which causes I/O errors and therefor BSODs whatever the concrete reason may be... The original Dell EC in fact has more than these 3 Speeds 0, 3000, 5000 as the mod has (in A08 for sure). It has slight steppings around these fixed Steps of (in fact 2100 / 3100 / ~4800 <-not sure on this). It increases and decreases the speed relative slowly at my A08 Bios so its not instant at the 3 fixed fanspeed unlike the Dell EC mod of HWINFO.

And thanks for the throttlestop infos i might try this workaround!

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Okay your welcome. Maybe @Mumak can give you some advice on the Dell EC and Compal in the scenarios you have stated. Since I dont have same system I can't help much more but this info seems to be useful. Goodluck in anycase. The BSODs are from the fan control by what your saying? We had issues with certain gpus making system unstable when attempting some of these controls... I hope you find a resolution. Yes Throttle Stop option is a good one since you would have complete control over what speeds run under the stipulations you set.

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In fact, I think its unwise to use this kind of BIOS because dummies like me would change some settings which may cause the system halt. But thank you so much for the work!!

True but the resource that is our helpful community would be glad to help if you ever ran into trouble.

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By downloading the unlocked A08 bios, will i be able to make changes to the TRL settings on Throttlestop?

I want to be able to have turbo boost on, but with a lower clock hopefully keeping the temperatures down while still getting a boost.

the problem now is the temps go from 80c while gaming straight to high 90's.

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Does anyone know if I can downgrade my bios from a13 to a08? Ever since I updated to A13 my fan runs a lot more and it's LOUD. I really need to make sure because when I tried to force flash from a08 to a03 it bricked my last motherboard.

*edit - I went ahead and did this and it worked, didn't have to force flash it or anything just ran straight from the .exe no problems.

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Trying to flash the unlocked a08 from the exe, getting a "warning: file size does not match" message and then it closes. Any ideas? I'd rather not force flash if I don't have to. thanks. I've confirmed my current bios is A08

Edit* I have a version R2 - this bios will not work on that model correct?

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On 1/6/2012 at 8:18 PM, alroar said:

A08 unlocked: confirmed working here.

//edit: since mod needs to approve my reply i just edit: yes, menus are there. you did an awesome job, again. proof: http://i.imgur.com/3D2hU.jpg

May i know how to flash this modified Bios A08? do i need a special program?

can u help me please?

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My Bios is LOCKED with some kind of password ,

is it factory ? 

is there a universal password ?

is there a way to remove the bios password ? 

i tried to install your A08 Bios , but nothing happened in terms of Removing that password :/ ,

EDIT = added 2 pictures , 
I tried to force flash password by setting the config file ( PLATFORM.INI) from 0  to 1 (see pic) , that didn't help ...
see pic for 'error' message 

EDIT 2 = So i just contacted my friend, and he says he bought it directly from DELL . i'll try to contact them, but not holding my breath



Removed Pics , 

Here's the "Fix" 

You'll have to call your DELL Alienware technical service, it didn't cost me anything , even though the laptop being over 7 years old ! (Out of warranty) 

and they'll send you the password in +- 1 business day , 

 and PLZ DON'T Change anything you don't know about in your BIOS , 

i did SEVERAL MINOR CHANGES, and my M14X-R1 wouldn't boot. 

I had to DIS-ASSEMBLE ALL THE PARTS , Down right to the CMOS Battery , alot of head-aches, 

so Plz, as they say , AT YOUR OWN RISK! 




Edited by GameXPlayer
added pics , edit 2
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