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Ge62 6QF, GTX 970m 3gb vbios modification discussion


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Hello everyone!

I'm new here. I recently bought a GE62 6QF and I want to play a bit with it. I always had a passion for hardware and Overclocking, but I never tried overclocking a laptop!


I started some reading here and there about OC best practices for laptops and for this one in particular.


The dGPU in this laptop is a Gtx 970m 3gb, with a stock vbios version By default, as probably everyone of you know, the Core overclock is limited to +135mhz, and the memory to +1000mhz.

At the moment I reached a stable situation with +135/+496, but the temperature never goes over 65°C with maximum fan speed.


What I would like to do is to push a bit further these values.


I saw some interesting vbios for similar gpus uploaded here, but unfortunately i cannot download them yet, so I would like to start a discussion about vbios modification.

I downloaded MaxwellBiosTweaker and i would like to know if someone have some suggestions.


What i want to do first is to set the default clock to 1059MHz and Memory to 1501MHz since the gpu is very stable with this setting.

Second i want to remove the core clock limit of +135mhz. Probably also the voltage must be increased a bit.


Here you can see my current settings




Do you think I can just apply  these values in MaxwellBiosTweaker like in the following screen?

Since now is working without any voltage change I modified only the clocks as you can see from the screenshot




Attached you can also find the original vbios file.


Suggestions? :D




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