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GTX 1070 eGPU for Late 2013 27'' iMac


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Hey guys, I am considering buying an egpu solution for my late 2013 27'' iMac. 


So far from reading the guides here I picked the following 








I would like to use my iMacs internal monitor preferably on Sierra but I have also Windows 10 installed


I will be using the eGPU for rendering on Blender and game development for Unreal Engine (latest version) 


is this setup going to work for me, what extras I need ? 


Any advice is more than welcomed

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There is still no Pascal support in Nvidia Web drivers for macOS, so you can't use any GTX10x0 card on macOS.

If you want to use both Windows and macOS, get a GTX980Ti.

If you are fine to use only Windows, get a GTX1070.

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Thank you very much for your fast reply


I think I will play the waiting game and see if Apple brings support 1080 cards till the end of this year


I am in no hurry anyway


If not , 980ti is very close to 1070 anyway so I will go for it because yes I would love to able to use my imacs monitor from inside macos :)


In the meantime I will continue browsing the forum to expand my knowledge 

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