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[Help] Samsung NP700Z5B Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2675QM 2.20GHz + MSI R9 270x Gaming 4G + EXP GDC v8.4


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Hello, I am currently working on a EGPU build after researching many different types of setups out there. Majority of my parts comes from friends and was put together down the line. My current set up is:

Samsung NP700Z5B laptop Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2675QM 2.20GHz 6GB Ram

MSI R9 270x Gaming 4G

EXP GDC v8.4

Onboard Graphics:

AMD Radeon HD 7400M Series

Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000


At first start everything seems fine and laptop booted up smoothly but as I got to trying to disable the onboard graphics, that's when everything went dark. I have tried putting the laptop into standby or sleep mode and then plugging the EGPU in, but as I did, when installing the drivers the laptop would crash.


I also tried manually installing the drivers while the EGPU was unplugged before reattempting and resulted in a black screen. Finally attempt I disabled the onboard graphics through device manager, installed the R9 driver, put the laptop to sleep and plug in the EGPU, which again resulted in a crash when the onboard graphics automatically enabled themselves.


My question would be is there anyway that I will be able to disable the onboard graphics so I may use the EGPU? I have already checked the BIOS for a configuration page, but had no luck there. Feels like this is making me go in a circle in trying to figure it out. 


EDIT: I proceed to trying DDU to disable my onboard drivers, but it ended up causing more problems and could not detect the EGPU at all. I reseted everything to default and reinstalled my old HD 7400M series and Intel graphics.


EDIT: I have ran 3 additional tests with the onboard drivers, 1st disabling both will allow the laptop to turn on and detect the video card, from there I can't install the EGPU driver using device manager's online driver search since it says its up to date. 2nd test and 3rd test of having only 1 driver enabled and the other disabled ended up with windows freezing on start up.


EDIT: When running DDU and uninstalling all existing display drivers on the laptop, I proceed to install the driver for the R9 AMD. As I am installing, the setup automatically re-installs the onboard AMD Radeon HD 7400M Series thus crashing the setup and laptop. Would anyone have any information for this?

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