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[Help Needed] GTX960 in Thunder3 box not outputting [email protected], not working on internal screen

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I have a Akitio Thunder3 Box, a Dell DA-2 PSU, and a GTX960 connected to my Lenovo P50 laptop via TB3. I hooked up my 4k TV to the 960 and it will not output 4k even though it would when it was in my desktop hooked up to the same screen. Windows thinks it's outputting video and audio to the tv but it's not getting there.


I also can't get applications to use the card instead of the iGPU without having an external screen attached and running apps on that screen.


I think I'm doing something wrong but I'm not sure what.


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    • By Freddyicy
      Just looking into a new computer and there are so many more options! Just seeing what peoples thoughts are!
    • By Wunderforce
      Windows 7
      Lenovo w510
      12 g ddr3 ram
      intel i7 Q720 @1.6ghz
      discreet card: Nvidia Quadro Fx 880M 
      egpu setup: GTx 960 card hooked up via exp-gdc v8 dock via pci express card
      Using dell 220w psu (12v, 18Amp)
      Using an external monitor hooked to 960 via hdmi
      The Problem:
      Drivers successfully installed, device manager shows GTX 960 and shows it functioning properly. However, no external monitor can be detected.  Aditionally, when installing the 960 drivers, it broke the 880M (shows up as error code 43 in device manager iirc).  So currently I'm stuck with crappy display on the internal monitor (internal graphics? even though I don't have intel integrated graphics..) and no external monitor detected.
      I read in the FAQ section that trying to get a dgpu and egpu from nvidia to work is about getting them to run on the same drivers, but it was not clear at all about how to go about doing that.  Plus the cards are so far apart in age I'm not sure how to even begin to go about trying to find a drive that will run both.
      What I have done so far:
      Disabled pci power managment, this allowed the egpu to be sucessfully detected.  Showed up in device manager as "generic vga device" or something like that.  Downloaded and installed appropriate nvidia drivers for 960, restarted computer. Computer running on crappy internal(?) graphics card (cant even display full screen resolution) , error for dgpu in device manager (error only goes away after uninstalling 960 drivers and reinstalling dgpu drivers), 960 shown as working fine.  Disabled dgpu in device manager (I don't have the option to in the bios for some strange reason, screen shot attached), restarted.  Upon restart device manager shows 960 working fine, however, no external monitor detected and computer internal dsiplay still running on crappy internal(?) graphics card (cant even display full screen resolution).
      Any help would be much appreciated.  I feel like I should be pretty close since the egpu was detected and is shown as running ok in the device manager...

    • By Uuugz
      As the title suggests, I'm having problems making my eGPU (EXP GDC v.8 mPCIe + ASUS GTX960 Turbo OC 2GB) work with the internal display of my laptop (ASUS K56CB, i5-3317U, Gt740M 2Gb discrete gpu, running Windows 10 64-bit in UEFI mode). Done some modifications to the drivers and all that already, the gpu works fine with an external monitor connected via HDMI, however when I try to launch Nvidia control panel while using laptop's display, it says that "You are not currently using a display attached to an  NVIDIA GPU", hence my problem. Drivers i tried were all older than 372.70.  Also, a curious detail i noticed, none of the driver's nvami.inf files contain any listing of GTX960, at all, even though it's supposed to be there as far as I know. I'm probably Any help sorting this out is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 
      All changes were made to the notebook version of the driver 372.54. My hardware ID is: PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1401&SUBSYS_15871043.
      In [NVIDIA_Devices.NTamd64.10.0]:
      %NVIDIA_DEV.1401.1587.1043% = Section196, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1401&SUBSYS_15871043
      In [Strings]:
      NVIDIA_DEV.1401.1587.1043 = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960"
    • By benjaminlsr
      Here is my first attempt of doing building an e-GPU.
      What I wanted to do :
      Due to the fact that having a Razer Core is a pain in the *** and because it's a 7Kg not so portable solution, I decided to build myself my own e-GPU using an Akitio Thunder2 casing for the latest Intel NUC6i7KYK “Skull Canyon”.
      I also wanted not to change the power connector of the casing.
      Costs :
      Akitio Thunder2 : 211.45€
      Thunderbolt3 to Thunderbolt2/1 adapter : 95.19€
      Dell DA-2 Power Supply : 27€
      ZOTAC GTX 1060 6GB : 320€ (174mm x 111.15mm)
      The Plan :

      The steps :
      1\ Cut the DELL DA-2 cable properly to expose the 8 wires.
      2\ Solder all GROUND together as well as all 12V together.
      3\ Solder the 2 obtained wires to a 5.5x2.1mm barrel.
      4\ Solder two thick wire from the barrel to the top back of the casing (15cm).
      5\ Split the two wires into a 6 PIN MOLEX connector.
      6\ Cut a 110mm hole inside the casing.
      7\ Fix a fan/dust protection.
      How it works :
      Great ! Not so much test so far but pretty stable playing the latest DOOM.
      2560x1080, HIGH settings with V-SYNC ON :60fps
      2560x1080, HIGH settings with V-SYNC OFF : 90fps
      Next steps :
      Figure out if there is a difference in performance using the Akitio TB3 prototype.
      Photos (new model: Akitio Thunder3):

      Photos (old model: Akitio Thunder2):

    • By wmjnottriell
      So I wasn't really sure where to post this (there are probably several sections that would be appropriate) but since it has to deal with the fact that I'm running an e-gpu on a Macintosh I posted it here.
      So let me start off by stating my setup and specs.
      I have a 2011 Mac mini server
      +  i7 quadcore 2GHz
      +  16gb ram
      +  Fusion Drive (120ssd+1tbhdd)
      +  Windows 10 via bootcamp 90% of the time and I play a lot of games and edit video. (I'm a cinematographer)
      +  23inch Acer monitor plugged into gpu via hdmi-DVI-d
      +  EVGA Gtx 960 SSC plugged into Akitio Thunder2 Box via THUNDERBOLT 1 (Because of the mac minis age)
      +  The GPU is powered by an EVGA 400 watt psu via an 8pin cable (Psu isn't being used for anything else)
      So overall I'm pretty impressed with the card's performance because I was running a Gtx 750ti OC before this.......... exxxxxxcept I've seen several videos on youtube of people running my exact same card except just a regular setup without an egpu and it seems like they're getting like 40% better performance. EXAMPLE: Someone is playing Tom Clancy's The Division on "High"/"Ultra" preset and getting about 60fps while I run it on the "Low" preset and I'll get 35-42 fps MAX
      Am I suffering from THAT much bottlenecking? Is there a way to check how much, if any bottlenecking is happening?
      ALSO, I successfully modded my bios on my gtx 750ti to allow more power. Would it be beneficial for me to mod the bios on the gtx 960? Would it give me a lot more power/ better performace?
      Thank you so much in advance! This is my favorite, website/forum by far!
      EDIT; I have hwinfo running all the time and the mac gpu utilization usually says 98% or 99% but the "Powers" max is usually like 60% or so. I don't know if this helps. Also I use Precesionx 16 and my usual settings are displayed below. I can't go much higher than the settings that are displayed in the screen shot so it's not like I'm not overclocking enough or something...you know?

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