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GTX 1060 in GT70 and GT72


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Hello everyone, my name is Rudimar, I'm from Brazil. I'm upgrading GPU on my MSI GT70, from GTX680M to GTX1060M, I've updated bios to E1762IMS.71x and EC to 1762EMS1. 5.06, installed nvidia drivers by modifying nvmii.inf and system in LEGACY mode. However the GPU is used 50%, 30%, with low fps (20 to 30) when I keep the game stopped in the same image, the use rises to 80%, 90% and high fps (60). In normal Furmark test, uses 98% GPU normal temperature (up to 80°).

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hey guys, i installed a GTX1060 aetina to my MSI GT60 2OC. haswell. i installed mod drivers and works fine. but i am having a limit TDP problem. because doesnt pass the 50W in stress test. and the 1060 have 78w of tdp...

previously i have an 770M and the same if it consumed its 75 watts.

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