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[Alienware - Clevo - MSI] Aftermarket Upgrades Driver Support - Modded INF


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Few weeks ago I realised Nvidia have stopped the driver support for my  card (680M) and some games that require newer drivers simply wont run.

After some searching online I came across a couple of good instructions how to mod the .inf file and make it install on your syste.

In general every driver you download from Nvidia (provided it's for your type of card e.g. GTX, and OS) is pretty much the same, the difference is in the .inf file where the instructions are for the specific card and OS. Here are the links, very easy to follow and do. Use the tables from the video as I'm not sure how dated are the tables from the first link (maybe they are the same though). Just as a note your device ID and GPU string can be found from within your PC, it's just require some extra steps.





Hope it helps anybody.


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If manuf or nvidia stopped driver support or driver installation fail, install latest driver from manuf website and update once with Windows Update. Download latest notebook drivers from NVIDIA, extract setup and edit nv_disp.inf to add  your device from this list https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CHEF-KOCH/nVidia-modded-Inf/master/Inf/Mobile/391.35/nv_dispi.inf


Example. NVIDIA_DEV.13D8 = "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M"


%NVIDIA_DEV.13D8% = win10amobile,       PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_13D8

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The Link is dead sir? I have alienware m17x rx4 and I upgraded it to GTX 860M What should I do Its not detecting. though. I install nvdia driver but its not working it says not compatible 

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Hi all,


I think better resolution its motherboard BIOS mod and VBIOS for compatiblity hardware and software ROMID  ect.


Actualy i looking dependence NV driver Branch 500 serie its locked and not good fonction with modded driver.



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