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M17X R4 GTX 1060 upgrade


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Hi all. First of all I apologize for my English, I am using a translator.
Well I have decided to reflotar this thread because I have decided to update my m17x r4 with ati 7970,16 gb ra y, i73840qm to a 1060.
It's been many years and the graphic is already a bit short to play.
After having read several threads, everything has become clear to me:
-I know I need a 120hz 3d screen. (is on the way).
-It is not very clear to me if I can recycle the heatsink or buy a new one.
-I need to convert to gpt the windows ssd.
-I need bios unlocked yes or no ?, (there is controversy about it), right now I am in A15.
-Configure bios UEFI mode and disable fastboot and inherited options.
-Once installed windows 10 (Clean installation), use DDU to remove drivers provided by windows.
-Download driver and modify .inf file.

Well, it is not very clear to me if I can move forward until I have the graph, that is, I can install the screen, modify the bios and format windows to gpt with the hd 7970 and when I have the 1060 change one for another and ready ?.
The truth is that I am a little messed up, it is not very clear to me the order of the steps to follow.
I have to tell you that before this, the only thing I had done was to change the heat, add ram, format the computer and little else. I know that for some this will be a children's game but for me it is quite complex due to my basic knowledge in software and hardware jejeje.
I said to see if someone can give me a more or less strict order of performance.
I hope not to disturb anyone, a greeting and many thanks to everyone in advance.

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Hello again, I already have the screen, it is not clear if the cable that originally came with the 3d 120 hz screen serves me or I have to buy another one. Could anyone help me please?. thank you!

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