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CPU voltage changing and dark screen problem.


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Please help ! I Have 150SM-A laptop with PREMAMOD bios. Everything was ok but I hanged CPU and RING voltage to add 100mV and ovveride to 50mV. Now laptop does not boot up only blank screen is present. I tried to reset bios by removing battery from laptop and from motherboard for few minutes. Unfortunatelly after this nothing changed. Laptop switchen on for few seconds then turns of and turns on again in loop. The screen is dark.What can I do ?

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Settings like these are stored in the NVRAM, which is a section of the bios. Changing hardware triggers resets in the NVRAM for the hardware that was changed.


I find it very odd that raising voltages triggered a brick. I personally have bricked my p150em due to quirks in changing memory speeds. You should first pull a memory stick and boot. If that does not fix it, pull the cpu and try booting. Obviously it won't work without a cpu, but when you put the cpu back in the motherboard will read it as a hardware change and reset cpu settings.

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