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Suddenly: Black Screen Syndrome


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I was wondering if anyone has run into the same problem I am having. A fully functional eGPU setup on my NUC has started displaying the following issue following a failed Win10 update that caused the system to hang (it wasn't a driver update):

1) The system boots up perfectly without the eGPU and the TV gets a signal from the HDMI.

2) If the Akitio is connected, then the BIOS/POST appears on the HDMI output of the NUC, but the second windows loads, then both HDMI outputs (NUC's iGPU and the GTX750Ti) go black and the system hangs.

3) If the Akitio is connected to a running system, the GTX750Ti is detected in the device manager and appears as functional (no code 10/12/43), but then windows begins to stutter and locks up hard after 20-30 seconds. The display output from the NUC itself freezes, while the display output from the GTX750Ti is black.


I have tried to salvage the system by reverting to a restore point, but that did not help. I reinstalled windows, but the new installation displays the same issue.


I am somewhat perplexed, because this came out of the blue and screwed up my HTPC without any clear cause.


I am wondering if using Setup 1.30 would help here somehow (perhaps by actively disabling the iGPU)? I am willing to wire the 25$ to Tech Inferno Fan for it (I did not need it before).


Has anyone else run into Thunderbolt eGPU black-screens of this sort?





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Some updates on the investigation:

1) The GTX750Ti eGPU and Akitio are fine and work perfectly with my Win8.1 laptop.

2) My GTX960 eGPU Code 43s with the NUC. I suspected it might be the latest driver issues reported by people and rolled back to 327.70, no dice. 372.70 also kept on locking up with the GTX750Ti as well, so this isn't the issue.


Next step: Trying Linux instead of Windows 10.

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Another update:

After trying Ubuntu, I am coming to the conclusion that something is seriously broken with the NUC since once nVidia drivers are enabled, the machine will freeze on boot, just like it did in the windows case. I suspect there's a problem with the actual Thunderbolt chip or something else on the motherboard.


I'll try and wiggle BIOS versions around, but I am not holding my breath. Looks like it is dead. :dispirited:

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Final update: After 4 BIOS versions (latest, original one board came with, two more even older) there is no change in the status and trying to load an nVidia driver on the GTX750Ti causes the system to lock up. I am concluding something is wrong at the HW level and going to scrap the little system. Damn.

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