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Upgrade Clevo P170EM with 8970M


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Hi guys, 


my current 7970M has died and so I want to get a 8970M to put in my P170EM but the 8970M I want to buy doesn't have a vBIOS installed.


My question is do I need PREMA's BIOS to make it work and where can I find a vBIOS for the card?


I've read through numerous threads in here but can't really get the answer I'm looking for.  Anyone sitting on some answers?



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Try this site, these are stock vbioses. Just match the memory quantity and brand to the vbios and flash it with atiflash here https://www.techpowerup.com/download/ati-atiflash/. That fixes the no vbios issue, don't know about the laptop's bios though.

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