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eGPU for Macbook Air i7 8ram


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what up fellas, first time here, not really good at this stuff but looks like i would have figure it out anytime soon. 
So there is my case, I have macbook air mid 2012 with i7 and 8 ram, good machine, works strong, can't complain. Doing all kinda work on it, mostly is xcode and android studio with no problem. I also edit little gopro videos (5-10 min) for my little youtube channel, its a bit slow with final cut x but I can live with it. Recently I bought this dslr camera, and video files is a lot bigger so its really hard to edit it on my air, especially when I am doing slowmo. So I was waiting for new macbook pro but that price is way off my budget, and even previous models are still expensive so I was thinking maybe buy/build eGPU and keep my air for couple more years? is there a way to buy/build one for cheap? not planning to play games, just some video edits. What you guys think? thanks in advance

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