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Dell E5450 + NGFF EXP GDC 8.4d + GTX 1060 + Dell DA-2


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Dell E5450

Palit Super JetStream GTX 1060

EXP GDC 8.4d (NGFF = M.2 A/E key)

Arch Linux

External monitor


Hello everyone,

After lurking on TechInferno for a while figuring out different M.2 "keys" I finally assembled my eGPU system.

EXP GDC was sold as "8.0", but there's a print "8.4d" on the circuit board.

GFX is powered by Dell DA-2 adapter (bought it for cheap on ebay) using these little guys:


Connection is pretty simple - blue wire is soldered with one of the black ones (ground). All black ones are connected with all the black ones from GFX, yellow - with yellow; I tinned the wire endings to prevent corrosion. I used every connector going out of GFX to parallel out the power currents as much as possible - both 4x from EXP GDC and 6-pin from GFX itself (via 2 Molex, the ones that go to IDE HDDs power). You can see it all below.


My GFX placement may not be the most conventional :) but a. It works; b. That side of the desk faces the wall, so it's not really visible; c. It's compact.


I use Linux, so no GPU-Z screenshot. It works well for games for the past 2-3 weeks though. TF2, Dawn of War 2 (Linux version, shoutout to Feral for porting!), Path of Exile with WINE run with no issues. I use external monitor only, didn't try the internal monitor. I didn't do any BIOS tinkering or anything like that, only had to configure Xorg.





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