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Battlefield 3 Optimization Guide


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Optimization Guide for Battlefield 3:

For Nvidia Users:

Threaded Optimization + MaxPrerenderedFrames:

Open Nvidia Control Panel --> Manage 3D Settings --> Program Settings --> Battlefield 3

Set Maximum Pre-rendered Frames to 1. (effect: system prerenders only 1 frame instead of 3, results in less game stuttering)

Set Threaded Optimization On. (effect: loading times reduced)


FXAA Enable:

If you're using NVIDIA Geforce Driver 290.36 Beta or higher, you're able to use FXAA.

NVIDIA Inspector is the best choice to activate FXAA.

Download NVIDIA Inspector [ATTACH]4105[/ATTACH]

Open NVIDIA Inspector and click on the tool-button.


Choose Profiles --> Battlefield 3 and under Antialiasing set NVIDIA Predefined FXAA Usage to Allowed and Toggle FXAA on or off to Enabled


Danoc1 FXAA Injector:

This is an adjusted FXAA Injector for BF3. (source: PCGH Forum)

Copy all files to your Battlefield 3 installdirectory. Delete older version before copying the new one.

Difference between normal and performance version is, that the performance version has disabled Ambient Occlusion.

Attention: If you copy your commands in your own user.cfg file over to Danoc1's file, the user.cfg file has double commands like RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit and RenderDevice.TripleBufferingEnable

New version 1.3 Beta released: (Changelog see Post#17)


Danoc1 FXAA v1.3 Beta

Danoc1 FXAA v1.3 Beta performance

older version 1.25: (Changelog see Post#10)


Danoc1 FXAA v1.25

Danoc1 FXAA v.1.25 performance


NVIDIA Inspector has a Frame Rate Limiter function implemented.

NVIDIA Geforce Driver 280.26 WHQL or higher is required.

It's your choice to set a global FPS limit or for a specific game.


For all users:


This file copied to your BF3 installdirectory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Battlefield 3) activates console commands at BF3 startup.

Write all tweak or information console commands in the user.cfg file, which you want to have enabled every time you play.

Download user.cfg: user_cfg.zip


Console command: WorldRender.FxaaEnable 1

Danoc1's FXAA Injector is recommended, link above.

Performance improvements:

Console commands:

RenderDevice.TripleBufferingEnable 0 (effect: performance improvements)

RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit 1 (effect: system prerenders only 1 frame instead of 3, results in less game stuttering)

Mouse sensitivity:

Disable Origin IngameOverlay

Origin --> Settings --> In Game --> uncheck "Enable Origin In Game"(effect: better mouse feeling, it's no more spongy)


Max FramesPerSecond:

Console command: gametime.maxvariablefps X (X stands for the MaxFPS you want, e.g. 60).

Ingame Performance Monitoring:


Console commands:

render.drawfps 1 (effect: current FPS displayed, upper right edge)


render.drawscreeninfo 1 (effect: information on the display used, upper left edge)


render.perfoverlayvisible 1 (effect: CPU and GPU usage displayed, down left edge)



Battlefield 3 Tweaks and Fixes

Geforce.com BF3 TweakGuide

Now, that you're prepared...See you on the battlefield.


Edited by Conker
Updated NvInsp pictures + link
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I edited the Optimization Guide with a user.cfg file, so you don't have to enter commands in ingameconsole eachtime you play :fat:

You can customize the user.cfg file with every command that is known by ingameconsole.

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Upcoming update on FXAA Injector:

danoc1 v1.25

-B2K maps optimized

-contrast adjusted

-sun (more yellow now, looks more realistic)

-rooms with no additional lightning-->little darker now

-minimal blueness is completely removed

-sharpness optimized

-FXAA Shader optimized

-better performance (user.cfg added, probably it has the same commands I described above in the OptGuide)

FXAA=PB ban?!?!?!:

There's a discussion ongoing on the net, that the FXAA Injector could result in PB bans.

Dice Community Manager Daniel Matros twittered Dice will check to find a solution so it's 100% impossible to get a ban by using FXAA or SMAA.

I use the FXAA Injector since it's out and never got kicked or even banned by PB and yes I update my PB regularly.

On the net I found no entry that someone who used the FXAA Injector got banned.

Let's see what Dice will communicate the next few weeks about the subject...

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Update 3:

Danoc1's FXAA Injector 1.25 is out!!!

Two versions this time: normal + performance

Both contains a user.cfg file, if you have your own copy the commands danoc1 did to your own user.cfg (the way I did)

Danoc1's user.cfg contains commands RenderDevice.TripleBufferingEnable + RenderDevice.ForceRenderAheadLimit so watch out you don't have double commands in your user.cfg.

Don't forget to delete older versions first, before copying the new version ;D

See you on the battlefield :highly_amused:

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The Guys at Realmware updated the BF3 Borderless Tool to v1.2:



  • Added an option to disable Aero while playing — this can significantly improve the game's performance and reduce stuttering.
  • Added an option to have BF3 Borderless start minimised.
  • Added an explanation for why the game might be undetected.
  • Added tooltips to explain what each function does.


  • Fixed window appearing in Alt+Tab menu while minimised to tray.
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur while detecting game.
  • Fixed bug where error log would not be written after a crash.
  • Fixed bug where "About" window could be opened multiple times.
  • Fixed bug where window position would not be properly restored.


  • Significantly improved performance while detecting the game.
  • Improved the rendering of text when ClearType is disabled.

Downloadlink: Downloads - BF3 Borderless - Realmware BF3 Tools

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Any other left handed players? I use my mouse in my left hand and am finding that I have reach issues with key binds as there are so many for weapons, steady of scope etc. I am getting a new mouse with more buttons and hope that helps a bit but I know I need a better key bind set up for my right hand. I try and use the arrow keys for movement but don't have enough keys within reach for other stuff. was thinking about using the number pad which will give me more keys within easy reach but would mean a learning curve all over again.

So if anyone has any suggestions that would be great. Please no suggestions that would involved spending money, I have looked for gaming hardware and for left handed people its very rare and most time not worth it. over the this coming weekend when I get my mouse I will be on our server testing out setups so if you see me in there and want to help out as a moving target that would be cool. I feel like a noob gamer having to figure this stuff out all over again.

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So if anyone has any suggestions that would be great.

If I were a left-handed player, I would use the IJKL keys for moving and the other keys around them for grenade, use,... Don't forget to disable the trackpad, otherwise your aiming will be affected.

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Update 24.02.2012:

Danoc1 FXAA Injector v1.3 Beta


- B2K maps further omptimization

- contrast adjusted

- color improvements

- weather effect --> colors and illumination of sunlight and clouds optimized

- rooms with no additional lighting little bit darker now

- minimal blue cast removed

- sharpness optimized

- FXAA Shader omptimized

- performance improvements (user.cfg)

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Awesome, excellent work with the pics!
Conkers your OP is beginning to be a encyclopedia of BF3 tweaks... nice work.

Thanks, I think I can truly say that my guide is one of the better online. :courage:

I try my best to keep you guys up to date :friendly_wink:

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Added the TweakGuide from Geforce.com

It contains some nice comparison screenshots, what the individual settings (texture, graphics quality,...) change in the game and diagrams showing the performance costs in different resolutions.

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