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Dilemma with MSI GT780DXR GPU

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Hi everyone, 


I'm in quite the pickle at the moment. My GPU nvidia GTX 570m has finally given up after 4 long years of use. I have tried new thermal paste, as well as the oven baking method but to no avail. I have been searching around the internet hoping to find a replacement, but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any used ones around ebay or any used market places. My only solution seems to be: find a compatible card, or buy a new laptop. I'm not in a good financial position right now to purchase a new laptop so a used one seems to be the only option. 


I am looking for something to just plug and play. I do not have experience nor access to tools to modify a heatsink in any way. I could possibly flash the BIOS, but as I mentioned earlier my GPU is dead and all I have is a black screen. I'm not sure if I can access the bios without a GPU. AFAIK, there is no integrated gpu in my laptop. There's also information about buying the correct card... I.E Clevo, Dell etc.


There is only so much information I can process and interpret based off user's experiences. I'm not looking for a top of the line card, just something comparable to the 570m. What do you guys suggest? I would like to stay under CAD $300 with shipping and/or possibly a modded heatsink if I need one. 


Thank you in advance

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      Hey guys, first post, but I thought I’d discuss my heatsink fan retrofit in my old M14x r1. 
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