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[Alienware Refresh] Initial thoughts and impressions? Hit or a Miss?

Will you be buying the new AW?  

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  1. 1. Will you be buying the new AW?

    • Yes.
    • No.
    • Maybe. Depends on how well it performs in keeping the Pascal cool.

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Well guys...so now we know...

What are your thoughts and first initial impressions?

  • Do you foresee the new cooling design being able to cool the 1080 better than DTR's/Clevo's?
  • Are you going to be ditching your current AW to get the new one?
  • Will you be buying a different brand all together? Reason for the switch?
  • Are you willing to pay DTR prices for the new AW if it turns out that way? (AW 1070 pricing is now available)
  • Which screen option will you be opting for? FHD, QHD, or 4K?
  • Do you care for Tobii?
  • How long do you normally keep your laptop? ->
  • Do you normally upgrade every year with the latest refresh? -->
  • If so, is having LGA/MXM really practical for you?



Things that I like:

"...magnesium alloy for rigidity, copper for better performance and steel...."

".....overclockable DDR4 system memory capable of up to 2667 MHz overclockable DDR4 system memory capable of up to 2667 MHz....."

".... 17" QHD 120Hz display is designed to deliver the smoothest gaming experience with 4ms response time, wide viewing angles, 400 nits of brightness, and NVIDIA G-Sync technology...."

"....a thinner design, better ventilation, higher quality sound and external ports organization...."

".... larger and more effective speaker box has been installed, improving audio output for a clearer and more dramatic gaming experience....."

"....Avoid excess cables and embrace the “desktop mode” design, where most of your critical connections and ports are in the back and out of the way....."

"....We offer the maximum amount of battery power legally allowed with the 99 Whr battery– storing and delivering the most amount of power found in any notebook battery for longer uninterrupted game play....."

Don't forget the LED lighting that unlocks the BIOS and makes the AW hover for better ventilation.

On another note, this is one step in the right direction...it can breathe I take it...



What we know so far (stuff that we actually care about):

* New AW17 1080 will be 180W and GDDR5X

(Thanks @DeeX for the heads up. Also confirmed from the horses mouth himself, Azor.)

@ 4:46:26 …mentions 180W

@ 4:49:33 ...worth watching it from here, lol...

@ 4:50:10 ...takes a crack at Clevo...I love DTR's, but what he says is true. No heart behind Clevo's design, just a bunch of rebranded, rebrands.

* Full on Copper heat sinks and heat pipes.

* Back of display is metal.

* Bottom of laptop is metal, anodized aluminum.

* Laptop is very rigid. Watch them try bending it...it's solid as a rock. Lots of metal.

* Keys on the keyboard are guaranteed and rated at 10 Million strokes.

* Keys have a longer 2.2mm travel length.

* N Key roll over technology. Able to register multiple keystrokes.

* 19 Total Macro Keys. More added near the Num pad side on the 17".

* The back plate of keyboard is steel enforced, all metal.

* Bottom and Side air intakes.

* Designed to keep the heat toward the rear and away from the front areas, keyboard / palm rest.

____________________________UPDATE (9/14/16)____________________________

Well guys: Click here

Here are some early pricing (out) comparisons. I've been playing around with different configurations to get an idea of what we can expect for the overall pricing. I've noticed that it is a bit more ala carte in a way...well kinda...

Note: It's possible that my numbers are off and if it is then I'll update it, but please do go price it yourself if you have a moment...

Couple things I've noticed:

* There is an option to get a display unit without Tobii. Thank goodness. I wonder if this is true for the up coming QHD panel?

* The price for the 4K UHD w/ Frobii is outrageous. +$400?! Sheesh... Hope they offer 4K without Frobii.


____________________________UPDATE (9/23/16)____________________________


www.Alienware.com is now LIVE with pricing of the new machines, but only up to GTX 1070 configurations. 



Early Comparisons of an Alienware 17R4 (GTX 1070) vs Clevo P775DM3 (GTX1070):
(Blue = Better / Red = Falls Short / Grey = Equal)

Clevo P775DM3 / Fager NP9172-S

* i7-6700K
* 1080 FHD w/ GSYNC
* GTX 1070

* 16GB RAM DDR4 2400MHz
* 256GB M.2 SSD
* Killer 1535
* 2 Year Warranty

…$2,114…NO TAX

w/ GTX 1080: $2,502


* 4K UHD w/ GSYNC is +$275


Alienware 17R4:

* i7-6820HK
* 1080 FHD w/o GSYNC
* GTX 1070

* 16GB DDR4 2400MHz
* 256GB M.2 SSD + 1TB Paper Weight
* Killer 1525

* 2 Year Warranty

$2,474 + PLUS TAX $198 (Avg. 8%) =



* 4K UHD w/ Fobii Eye Tracking is +$400


Reality in terms of value to cost ratio:

* 6700K
(socketed lga) > 6820HK (mobile bga)

* GTX 1080 for only $275 more on the DTR. How much more will GTX1080 be on the AW?

* 1080FHD has GSYNC on DTR

* Can paying $558 More for AW17R4 be justified?


Current thoughts at this time and moment:

Well to be honest, as for the pricing it doesn't look good if the numbers on the pricing page is anywhere near accurate. There's no way that I can justify paying ~$558 more at this point, however, that can change depending on the GTX 1080 and QHD variant. It's too early to tell.

I'd like to also add that the 2 Year Warranty for Dell is "Blue," because it is far superior than Clevo's 2 Year Warranty. This is a fact (at least if you're in the US), so please let's not argue about this.

As I've said before, "Do not pay DTR prices for a bga machine." This is just my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own, but please do the math and make a wise decision that best fits you and your needs.

Notice that the comparison is between the AW17R4 vs the Clevo P775DM3, which is not the bulky DTR, but the more slimmer and (IMO) cleaner looking one.

What are your thoughts?

Edited by iunlock

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