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MSI GT70 Dragon Edition I Q: (V)Bios Unlock


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Hey Guys and Tech Inferno Team,


i am following this Forum for quite some Time now, but unfortunatly i didnt took part in any Discussion as of yet. Which is kinda sad, because i don`t have the permission to download the unlocked VBios for my GPU to try out some things.

So i am a noob here and hope you guys have some Mercy with me, since i don`t even know, if i`m posting this in the right (sub)forum.


I have this aging Dragon Edition: https://de.msi.com/Laptop/GT70_Dragon_Edition.html#hero-specification and i am trying to overclock my GPU (NV GTX 675MX 4GB) with MSI Afterburner but its locked at +135MHz Core Clock.

So before i have the possibility to go higher (with unlocked VBios), i want to ask you guys some questions:


1. Is it worth to unlock my GPU to get some more FPS in Games? Has this Card some OC potential, or is it so minor to better not even try it? Maybe someone has tried to OC this GPU and can give some information about it.


2. What is the max Temperature this GPU can handle? Just to know, to better not raise Core Clock anymore.


3. Does raising the Memory Clock have any big impact on performance? Do i need to adjust the Memory Clock in order to the Core Clock? What is the max i can go for Memory Clock, since it doesn`t seem to be locked or im just to noobish.


4. Are there any Upgrade Kits out there, to change the GPU for lets say a GTX 980m or even a GTX 1080m? If it`s possible, can i change the CPU aswell? 


So much questions... i hope you guys can read it, since my english is not the best and that you don`t see this Thread like a spam. I am open for constructive criticism and any suggestions you can give. Any Help is greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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With OC Vbios the Card is as fast as a GTX 680M,the most Time 950MHz is no Problem.

No Problems with Temperature, Memory clock does not have much effect

500MHz was 1Frame, is negligible.

Maximum Upgrade is this Time the GTX 980M,Cpu is also upgradable.

I have a i7-4900MQ,the best Choise is the i7-4910MQ because the TPD of the Extreme CPU`s are to high.

The EC-Firmware limited the Power at 180W.

Here a Benchmark from my GT70 with GT980M and special Vbios.


Here a Benchmark with a GTX 675MX with my Testnotebook:



Mod Edit:





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Thank you so much for the fast reply. To see the VBios attached is just awesome. I will flash it on weekend and try to run a benchmark before and after the flash +OC. I am really excited and i will share the outcome with you.


All that is quite nice to hear. A GTX 980M would be a really big upgrade. I`d rather change Hardware like this, than just buying a new rig. I will most likely do that some time.


Since i can`t thank you enough, i will say thanks again one more time and :) have a good time.

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