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ALIENWARE M18X R2 ATI 7970M SLI working only on external monitor

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hi i got some alienware m18x r2 



problem is alienware working but only on external monitor 


i want repair this 


alienware when is cold working 10 sec on normal display you can go to bios but after 10 sec display is black 

when i conect external monitor in nothing then i do fn+ f6  and external monitor wake up windows working and laptop working 



1.im try change bios a8 a9 a11 its this same 

2. im pulled out ati 7970m and run laptop on intel graphic working but this same situation 

3. im pulled out bios battery its this same

4. im do load default setting in bios 



can you help me 


- i thing motherboard is faulty

- alienware lcd is faulty but working for 10 sec after turn off



what i can do 


can will help me  expert please 


regards lukas









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Probably not the BIOS, but give Swicks Bios a shot. If that doesn't do it my GUESS maybe a monitor going out? at least the controller. 


Did you have windows 10 installed by chance? If so you might be one of the victims of the dead monitor conspiracy. I believe Mr. Fox found a fix, but it requires direct reprogramming of the Display controller with special hardware.


Again just guessing trying to help. Sorry if i waste your time. I'm sorry to see that beast of a machine having troubles. and GOOD luck man!


Also... I was going to ask if your CPU was overheating and shutting down, but you said that it works on external just fine.

hmm. Feeling like it's the display controller for sure.

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