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Testing Fingerprint Reader

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I am looking for some software that I can run on laptops to verify the correct operation of the Fingerprint Reader.  We are installing the basic drivers so that the device is operational, but we are not installing the security suite that comes with it, unless specifically requested by the customer.   When we first carried the Clevo W150HNQ, the software suite allowed the testing of the fingerprint reader without creating accounts or registering finger prints in the Demo Mode.  I was wondering if there is a small program that I can run, without installation, that will show me the input from the fingerprint reader each time it is use, so that I can verify that it has not been affected during the disassembly, painting and reassembly processes.  I have been searching for a program to do this for a few years now, and have still not found anything that even comes close (except for that initial version of the security software, which has been verified to be insecure).

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