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Should egpu fan stay on during setup?

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I'm trying to determine if perhaps my pe4c or gtx 960 is broken. 


When I run setup 1.30 it only detects the egpu about 20% of the time, and when it is detected, the fans slow down and eventually stop. Should they be running the entire time correct?


Edit: This if for a lenovo w530 btw. I switched out the dell power supply for a 24 pin desktop supply and can have it consistently detected now. I have to plug in the express card after the bios, and then power it on. However the fans are still staying off throughout setup. I don't believe the card is broken as the fans have powered up... 


I'm getting the error code 43 in device manager... tried a "load dump" as well as the verde drivers (won't let me finish the install).


Any ideas?

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got my W520 successfully run with EXP GDC Beast expresscard + DELL power, without Setup 1.X.

I believe it should be the same architecture with your setup.

Anyways, I got Error 43 when using mPCIe, eGPU fan slow. I found out my GPU Vbios is corrupted. You can check my workarounds on my post

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Thanks for the response! My card was fine actually.


Had to do a few things 

  • I still have to boot first, then plug in expresscard, then power on egpu. That's the only way it's detected.
  • Had to make a proper configuration save/load dump.
    • The troubleshooting instructions for this are a bit overly complicated. The setup 1.x tells you everything very clearly
  • Enter sleep, unplug and power off egpu, reconnect, wake from sleep. That's what finally got it detected with no errors!

I'm not sure if it was the configuration save/load that, or just the sleep thing that got it running, but anyways it's working quite well now.


At this point the process looks like this - boot setup 1.x menu, connect the egpu, disable the dgpu, load dump, pci compaction, then to windows. I'll run it with a .bat file eventually I suppose, if it aint broke...


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