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15" Lenovo B50-70 + GTX[email protected]+c-NGFF.M2 (EXP GDC 8.3) + Win10(Anniversary) [jake96]

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eGPU Gaming beast with Lenovo B50-70 (i3)

- There was no NGFF whitelisting, error codes or TOLUD issues with using my eGPU, all straight forward to use.

- My EXP GDC Beast v8.3 has lasted for around 8 months now, NO problems.

- I upgraded from GTX 560 to GTX 960 4GB a while ago, which was a significant upgrade, though the memory bandwidth really does lack quite a fair bit.

- I can play games in really good settings. 

- Works with so many different Operating Systems, my favourite is Windows 10 Anniversary.

- Optimus is working 100% on the latest Windows 10 Anniversary build, though i still prefer using external monitor.

-  Signalling issues may stop if you live in a non power hungry house/neighborhood. Otherwise go for PE4C v4.1. I found i still got signalling issues even with gen 1.1.

-  External monitor performance by far obliterates Optimus performance. Huge fps increase. And graphics are SO much better. 

- x1 is barely even a bottleneck, though games such as CoD and from what i have seen Just Cause will take a huge hit.

- PCIe Gen 1.1 from what i have experienced is a frame rate cruncher. I honestly don't recommend eGPU'ing with PCIe Gen 1.1 unless you are playing legacy games.

- Use CPU Unparker for best results from your CPU.  CPU unparking has has quite a performance improvement on CPUs. Download coderbags version and you'll see what i mean.

How i got my eGPU setup running properly:


Put together EXP GDC Beast with PSU and GPU,

insert NGFF data cable into laptop NGFF PCIe slot,

HDMI into TV from eGPU

, booted into Windows or Linux,

installed Windows driver and voila!

My games were running really well and I've been really happy. I have tried forcing PCIe Gen 1.1 with DIY eGPU Setup 1.30 but i still got Signalling issues and i don't know why. Maybe too much power around house being used? Other than that getting really high settings with lots of different games, except for CoD which is a shame. So yea, i really do recommend this setup for those looking to get the better performance from laptops and outdated gaming laptops.


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An Update on my eGPU build

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what do you mean with turn off power hungry electronics? which electronics?

you think is it possible to get Gen 2 with Expresscard or mPcie?

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Of course its possible to get gen 2 with mPCIe just depends on the laptops motherboard, and with EC, you will get Gen 2.0 with EC slot 2.0.

Any electronic that is being used for example; phones charging, gaming consoles turned on, TVs in use,  dryer on. Celing lights turned on cause the issue to happen when turned on and off. Turning these off as much as possible whenever not needed stops signalling issues completely, and while i use them i put my laptop to sleep . The EXP GDC Beast from what i am experiencing is completely capable of delivering PCIe Gen 2.0. Though if you live in a neighborhood that is full of heavy power users all the time, this will not help.

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