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EGPU for Cuda not games: GTX 1070 vs GTX 980Ti

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I am looking to buy for my MBP mid 2014 GT750m an EGPU for graphics and VFX not games. Now the GTX 980Ti  is dropping in price to the level of a GTX 1070, would I be better of with the GTX 980Ti for my work or should i get the GTX 1070 and hopefully have the pascal drivers for OSX in the near future. 


I know that the 980Ti has a lot more CUDA cores 2816 vs 1920 , but is it likely that the Pascal Architecture even though has less CUDA cores be quicker in the future. I like that the power needed to drive the 1070 is much less and runs cooler.  Tell me your opinions and if anyone else has knowledge on this matter please share.



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Yeah, 980ti is pretty strong card itself, it has a lot of 'everything'. I can bench some programs if you want (mine is 1450mhz), but none of my friends has 1070 yet.

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I have both a 980 Ti SC+ and a 1070 being delivered later today.


I actually purchased both of my 980 Ti's on Amazon at used pricing. So this was prior to 1070/1080 release at under $400 each.


Are webdrivers out yet for Pascal cards ? If so I may put the eGPU setup back together. 

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I believe there is no OSX  drivers yet for the Pascal cards so a test on windows is the only option at the moment. What I am interested in is the  cuda  performance. I saw that the 980ti is a little bit better with OpenCL but i haven't seen any cuda comparison yet. But the difference was not as great as expected and in some cases the results were close. 




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    • By duffman_777
      Managed to find a relatively cheap MSI 1070 on ebay, and after reading a few success stories that 1070's are compatible I decided to pull the trigger. 
      Modified the bottom case as per the photo on this FAQ page http://www.eurocom.com/ec/faqs(272)ClevoP150EM_SagerNP9150_XMG_P502_PRO. Things were going well until I went to screw the card down and felt some resistance.
      Oops. Looks like that capacitor(?) with the blue on it *just* clashes with the card. Now what's weird is not all P150em motherboards seem to have this component on it - looking at replacements this component is not there. Also looking at the photos from this 1080m P150em mod (https://premamod.wordpress.com/2017/10/10/clevo-pascal-mxm-standard/), this component isn't there either. Does anyone know what this is, and if it can be removed? Or, if this could be taken off and shifted out of the way somehow, or replaced with a smaller equivalent...?
      In my disbelief/annoyance/problem solving when trying to push it down, I did notice that the card has a surprising amount of flex in it and it *can* be screwed down almost completely to a level where I feel somewhat comfortable in doing... Though I'd rather not put this strain on the card if there is a way to avoid it.

    • By IAmNotReallyHere86
      Hello Again,
      So I decided to ditch the 980m SLI Configuration and take my chances with the GTX 1070 from Eurocom. 
      Currently, it is physically installed - but I am having issues getting the drivers installed.
      As of now the laptop boots into windows with generic video drivers. 
      First, I would like to clear things up.
      From what I have gathered so far: GSync is not an option for the time being? I need to use a specific VBios and Bios, as well as specific drivers?
      Is this still the case today?
      I was getting my information here:
      It looks like the person who successfully got this card to work used a programmer to load the Vbios. 
      I just need some direction here if anyone can help. I dont see how eurocom can sell these cards specifically for p870dm-g. Looks like I am going to try giving them a call again.
      I have a feeling they have some firmware they don't have linked on their website. 
    • By timbabs1
      The Intel core i7 6820HK throttles due to Current limit throttling (according to Intel extreme utility) and EDP Other (according to limit reasons in throttle stop)

      This only happens once the GPU GTX 1070 is under load(CPU+GPU workload) but when its a CPU only work load such as CPU-Z benchmark or throttle stop bench it doesn't throttle

      It drops its frequency from any set frequency apart from the 3.2ghz default so if I was to OC to 3.5ghz it would keep dropping to 3.1ghz and sometimes even lower. More information can be requested and sent.

      Any help to alleviate this issue will be much appreciated? thanks
    • By SimoLoveApple
      Hi all, I have a macbook pro 15 inch retina mid-2015.
      I joined a Aikitio thunder2 with a graphics card GTX 1070 but there are problems with the internal monitor of my macbook.
      first of all we will list the specific to this topic.
      my macbook is equipped with two graphics cards, an integrated and a dedicated, integrated is an intel iris pro graphics while one dedicated is an amd radeon r9 m370x 2 GB gddr5, and obviously the eGPU GTX 1070.
      the problem is that with the external monitor connected via hdmi to egpu doesn't show any problem while using the internal monitor that should take the video signal from the thunderbolt has lagged.
      Mafia 3 with settings on external monitor turn 54 fps while on internal monitor turn 9 fps!!!
      i have windows 10 on bootcamp.
      There is not much difference and it occurs to me that the problem is the thunderbolt.
      members of tech hell please help me!
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