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2 GPUs, 2 Mabook Pros, 1 case?


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I have two 2015 Macbook Pros for which I am considering building eGPUs.


I had an interesting idea, though - could I use 1 PSU, 1 Cougar Case QBX, and put two graphics cards inside, then hook both Macbook Pros up through it, to external displays?

I'd also like to put 2 SSDs in the case and boot through them, if possible.


Cheers, and thank you in advance!

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No, you can't do that. A Thunderbolt connection transfers a PCIe connection and those are bound to one host. You'd need to buy everything twice if you want to use it simultaneously, obviously.

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19 hours ago, smohkie said:

Thank you! So - follow up - could I buy two Akitios, two gpus, and use one, bigger PSU to power everything? 


Yes! Will work for sure. With a bigger case you can also mount both cards.

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