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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all, I've just put together a new eGPU setup and wanted to share my setup in case it helps anyone. I've only seen Redletter on here so far with an X230T and thought I'd add another to the record. And from the troubleshooting thread: Problem description 1. What's the problem? Exceptionally slow computer performance when eGPU's plugged in. 2. Have you consulted the Troubleshooting FAQ to resolve the issue? Yes. See below for things I've tried. 3. Have you consulted the Pre-Purchase FAQ --> Yes. Before I purchased, too. Looks ok to me. Lenovo X230T tablet: i7-3520M 16GB RAM Win 7 x64 - freshly installed from Win7 disc (not system restore) two days ago. Intel HD4000 iGPU BIOS ver 1.11 (24/08/2012) PCI-E 2.0 Expresscard slot Dynamic TOLUD: 0xDFA00000 or 0xCFA00000 (I need to double-check the lower value. It's high if nothing plugged into ExpressCard slot when booting from cold. It's low if the eGPU is plugged in and on when booting.) Nvidia Quadro 2000: Driver: 306.79-quadro-tesla-win8-win7-winvista-64bit-international-whql Hardware ID: NVIDIA_DEV.0DD8 Power Consumption: 62W Core: GF106GL eGPU adaptor: PE4L-EC060A (2.1b) PSU: Trying both a cheap'n'nasty eBay 100W 12VDC power supply and my old ATX PSU. Not too worried, given the 62W requirement of the Quadro. External Monitor: Dell U2711 What I've done to get where I am: Pre-setup: Check X230 BIOS > Power > ExpressCard: Automatic (not Generation 1 - from a post by an X220 owner, I haven't checked) On PE4L, set SW1 to 1-2 and SW2 to 2-3 Plug external monitor into eGPU First installation: Power on eGPU Plug ExpressCard into X230T Power on X230T Boot into Windows Let Windows automagically install basic drivers for the eGPU and four Audio devices Choose "Restart Later" when prompted to restart after installation Install current Quadro desktop drivers Reboot From everything OFF: Power on eGPU Plug ExpressCard into X230T Power on X230T Boot into Windows Appreciate video output on external monitor being rendered by eGPU. What's good: The display works NVidia Control Panel works and lets me choose preferred GPU What's no good: Booting with the eGPU is slooooow. Normal boot shows the "Starting Windows" screen for about 2 seconds after the 4 dots of infinite wisdom have resolved into the flag. When the eGPU is plugged in it takes 40-60 seconds. Once booted and logged in, Windows is slooooooooooowwwww: - The mouse lags everything by 0.5 to 4 seconds. - Things (like Notepad) take minutes to start. - The CPU usage is all over the place, but generally high. - WmiPrvSE.exe particularly takes up a lot of RAM, which I know can have problems with some network cards. Stopping the process doesn't help. - Disabling the Intel HD4000 helped a tiny bit. Enough to notice, but not enough to make a difference.GPU-Z is funny. When I start it, it says the eGPU PCI connection is PCI-E 1.0 16x 1.1 . If I change the selection in GPU-Z to the Intel HD and back again to the NVidia it suddenly changes to PCI-E 2.0 16x 1.2. Moving windows and switching programs has it flipping between the two all over the place. Which has me thoroughly confused. Other things I've messed with which didn't help or made things worse before I figured out the dynamic TOLUD thing: Setup 1.X: I tried that at about 2am and - admittedly I hadn't read any of the documentation, which was lazy and stupid of me - couldn't make heads nor tails of it. It's gone since I re-installed Windows. I'm still glad I bought it, since I believe the money went to the people who put all the time in that's got eGPUs working as they have. So it's money well spent. Messing with DSDT. Since I didn't realise about the Dynamic TOLUD playing with this was a bad idea. I ended up getting BSODs every time I got to the 4 dots. It's WHY I re-installed Windows. Using the Verde drivers for a GeForce card with a modified nvam.inf (modified following kizwan's from DIY eGPU experiences - Page 679). Failed to install. Using the Quadro for notebook drivers with a modified nvbl.inf (there's a really good chance I'm just no good at modifying the .inf files). In short: The eGPU setup works well enough to install the drivers and drive a display. It's unuseable because it makes the computer slower than you would believe. If anyone has any ideas, let me know? Otherwise, I hope this is enough to encourage other X230 owners that it's possible. Lastly, huge thanks to to everyone involved for posting all your info and results, but most especially Tech Inferno Fan and kizwan.

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