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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys! I am currently working on an idea to start a brand which would be specialized in All in One PC Barebones. So I wanted to ask you if there is any interest for such a thing? In detail: The focus is on a configurable system, like a desktop case, but this one here has already a build in mITX mainboard, monitor, speakers and everything is already cabled. The power supply is external to save space and especially to keep the AIO as narrow as possible. The lid on the back can be pushed open after only 2 screws have been removed, so it is very easy to maintain. The technical data in a short overview: Monitor: 27 "Full-HD, AH-IPS, Frameless Design Mainboard: mITX, modified with a 90 degree rotated PCIe slot for the graphics card H110 chipset 2x RAM slots DDR4-SODIMM 1x mini PCIe slot 1x MSata Slot 1x 2.5 inch Sata connector Graphics card: Power over PCIe lane (NVIDIA GTX 1050TI, Radeon RX460, etc.) , with additional PSU up to Zotac NVIDIA GTX 1080 Mini Power supply: External with 3 pin safety plug and 180W power , additional 250W PSU for Graphics cards with 6-8 pin Connector. Connections: 2xUSB 3.0 RJ45 connector 4xUSB 2.0 SD card reader 1x HDMI-IN (for graphics card routing) 1x HDMI OUT 1x3.5mm stereo jack 1x3.5mm microphone jack Stereo speakers (believe it or not, they sound decent) Here are some Pics from my Testsample: I would really appreciate your feedback, thanks in advance!
  2. Im trying to start a thread where we can organise comments specifically about gaming performances with our EGPU rather than have all that scattered around the forum Comparing to to my desktop PC build (I5, 8go ram and gtx970) the EGPU system is definitely slower on Elite dangerous and also on other games that I can't include right now because I have not played them on this build so far. Two main comments: - FPS is around 30-45 FPS in Elite Dangerous (almost max settings) but many times dropping around 20 so It can be a drag sometime because I had full 60 FPS on the PC build; that is quite a loss but still playable. Curiously, lowering graphic settings do not give much gain (about 10FPS more) The MAC version of the game is still recent so I expect some software tweaks but still wondering where does the problem comes from. Maybe a TB1 bottle neck? Looking at ISTATS I can see that the GTX gets used at 70%max of its capacity; is this normal ? Could someone with OS X and GTX970 comment on that ? - Macbook FAN Behaviour: looking at Istats, my CPU appears o be used at about 10-20% so not much but still showing above 80 degrees so the fans are kicking quite a lot (5000RPM). Any comment on that would be much appreciated too. I have ordered a laptop cooler to see I that helps. - Another FAN issue while this one inaudible is the GTX 970 that appears to have one of its fan only running after gaming sessions. Reboot fixes the problem and the fans are off when not playing. Anyone having this issue? I Scored 1213 on Heaven Benchmark on extreme settings, is this a normal score ? My build is : Thunderbolt 1 Webdrivers: 346.01.02f03 EVGA GTX 970 4go Mid 2012 Macbook pro retina I7 2.6 Ghz Akitio + GTX 970 OSX 10.10.3
  3. Digital Foundry re-tested Ark: Survival Evolved on an Xbox One after the developer made some performance improvements and unfortunately the results are still less than spectacular. This isn't really much of a surprise as the game has always performed pretty poorly even on powerful PCs such as my own Titan X setup. If you've never heard of Ark: Survival Evolved before, it is an open world sandbox game that takes place on an island full of dinosaurs where you are free to gather resources, build bases, tame dinosaurs and attack other player built bases. In concept it is similar to other open world games like Rust but this game just runs a lot worse. You can watch Digital Foundry's video review below: View full article
  4. So yeah I am having a performance issue with my laptop. Every time I play games the fps is going "wild" it drops from 100 fps to 48 and does it the whole gaming time and I have done everything to fix it but none of them have worked for me and then one of your members suggested me to use a program called throttle stop 3.0 but I don't have no idea how to use it so help would appreciated and tips what's causing this trouble
  5. Hey members! I bought my Lenovo y510p in the summer. I tought it is excellent but after some time i realized how bad this laptop is. I paid 1300euros for this thing and now I have many problems. First is overheating. I tried to change my thermal paste with (Arctic MX-2) It's not reduceing my temps at all. Only solution what reduced my temps were fan control. Second problem is that I can't play my favourite game NBA 2k15. I can't play it even on lowest settings. No matter what i do I can only get about 53fps. What do you guys think, what I should do? I have a headache because of this Lenovo machine. Any help is appreciated. cheers!
  6. Hi, I have a y510p laptop, with i5 cpu and a single 755m gt gpu. I am wondering - why some games have so poor performance even on lowest settings? I have done a clean install of GPU drivers today but it didn't help at all. I tried playing Battlefield 4, but I get about 20FPS on LOWEST POSSIBLE SETTINGS. Meanwhile, on Battlefield 3, or Max Payne 3, I can max out the game and have about 40-60FPS without a problem. I also had this problem with GTA 4, it's just weird that gta barely works, meanwhile a game on an updated engine works flawlessly on MAX settings with about 60FPS. I am playing while on high performance mode, and I tried to change nvidia settings to my NVIDIA GPU only, and changing power plan to MAX performance. Am I the only one who has this problem?
  7. Hi all. I'm considering downgrading (blind-flash method, verified it works on this system before) my M17x R4's system BIOS from A10 Unlocked to A05 Unlocked. Reason being the idle clock for the Intel iGPU - I liked the behavior much better in A05 and earlier. I was able to idle at 350MHz(qm chip)/400MHz(xm chip) instead of the advertied 650MHz, which results in significant idle power savings. The new BIOS does still allow for this, but only if the system is exposed to AC power (yes, adapter is original.) The problem is if I have to restart my system for any reason while on battery power, I get stuck with 650MHz iGPU clock and a 25% greater overall idle power draw until I can plug in. I've documented this behavior further in a previous post, but for this question let's not focus on the reason I want to downgrade - unless you know another way I can force the behavior I want. What I want to ask is this: Other than the CPU microcode update which does not apply to my current ES CPU, the new Windows 8-related features, and the slightly faster POST, are we aware of any other meaningful differences between the two BIOSes? Differences in system performance? I did notice a slight improvement with A10 over A05 on my previous CPU but I attributed that to the microcode update, which no longer applies to my current CPU. I've yet to run A05 on my current ES CPU.
  8. A very nice way to boost your computer's performance is by installing an SSD. Even though SSDs are way faster than HDDs, still NANDs used on SSDs and the SATA 2/3 protocol cannot be compared to the speed of a DDR3 RAM. A solution to this gap is a RAMDisk. With current chipset architectures that allow even laptops to have up to 32GB of RAM, someone who can afford it and wants the maximum performance for the money s/he paid should seriously consider a solution like that. I was thinking of a scenario with the soon to be released Alienware M18x, that supports up to 32GB of RAM. Keep 8GB for the OS and dedicate the rest 24GB to the RAMDisk. Inside that space you can allocate the pagefile, assign all the temp files, caches like that used by the web browser (that instead of being written on the disk would now be written much more faster on your RAM) and install programs that you use the most and you need them to run as fast as possible. You won't have to worry about the wear and tear of your SSD, since at the end of the day all the data will be written in a serial manner to your SSD, you will utilize your RAM in a more efficient way since most of the times it remains unused, the pagefile will remain on your SSD instead of the slower SSD/HDD and will reduce the wear of it. You can even install an OS in there using VM. That OS would literally fly. Cons are the cost and the limited size of RAM, plus you need a 64bit version of windows to be able to utilize more than 3GB of RAM, it will as prolong the shut down times since it will have to write everything to your SSD at the end of the day. So what do you think about it? Do you have any other ideas about maximizing your computer's performance?
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