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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys , like you can see Im begginer, student and noob from east Eu that accidentaly bought clevo p170hmx few months ago. Specs are P170hm board i7 2760qm 8gb ddr3 gtx580m 2x 500gb SSD FSP standard 220W PSU (I think its 220w 19v-11.57A) Everything was fine till this weekend I was playing doom4 for 3 hours and Pc just crashed with black screen with sound still runing , than fan went loud with 6 loud beeps . Who crashed said it was TLDR bug. Wrom that point laptop works fine but when I start any game or furmark after few seconds to few minutes it crash with same symptoms. What I did try is , tldr change from 2 to 8 and its same, 10 different drivers with DDU, system reinstall, flashed original vBios on card (i noticed that after first crash memory would stuck to 130-300mhz in games and furmark , after flash it was normal all again but still crash after 1min or less ) Now what I did that gave me result is lowering GPU and memory clocks from 620/1500 to 480/1333 now it looks stable. I couldn find vBios with higher voltages to flash cos Im noob and I did try bios mod with Nbitor but allways ended up with corrupted bios that didnt want to load from cmd with nvflash. I didnt try to flash bios for mobo (p170hm) cos I cant find one and that lead me to registration on this forum. My gustion is whats wrong with my notebook and how to fix it...btw I found nvidia Quadro 3000m but dont know will it work on p170hm, If I cant get p170hm to optimal state Ill go with exp Gdc beast and one hd7970 from my desktop cf system just for fun. Sry for bad English.
  2. Hello! I need some help with my 5 year old P170HM here! Yesterday I turn it on like always and I realize the screen doesn't work. At first I thought my screen was dead, so I tried to conect it to my other screen through the DVI and HDMI connectors on the back, still nothing. I noticed the PC was still booting up normally, so I used the "Remote desktop" on my desktop PC to try and control it. It worked so I opened the Device Manager, and then I saw that it doesn't detect the GPU anymore (even if its clearly installed in the slot). I think my gtx485m might be dead. Do you guys know if that's for sure or if I can try to do something to fix it yet? In case you need to know... the PC has this specs: Clevo P170HM Windows 10 Pro -64bit Intel i7 2820QM 8GB DDR3 Nvidia GTX 485M Thanks for your time!
  3. Hi all, First of all, sorry to drop by and start with my problems but I am indeed in need of your advice. I have read these forums for several years now but never took the time to sign up and join in the conversations (not that I had much to say though, apart from a big "Thank you!" for the tips and knowledge I grab here and around). I have a P170HM with a GTX 485M which is overheating quite a lot. I've managed up until now but it just seems to get worse and worse. I've followed most of the Hardware mods I could do on my P170HM (including sealing the air leaks with tape, cutting the plastic cover over the GPU to increase the airflow and applying some Tuniq2 thermal paste). The card runs around 60°C on idle (which is already an improvement from before) and immediatly goes to 90°C and over when I run a game that requires some resources (e.g. Diablo III, Eve Online), recently it goes over 100°C after no more than a few minutes which causes the laptop to shutdown. From your experience, does it sound like the card is faulty and changing for, say, a 680m would fix my problem? Or do you think the problem is due to the cooling system and going for another GPU wouldn't change a thing? Thanks in advance, Simon
  4. Hello everone, i just want to share you some Hardware mod ideas for the p170hm. the goal was to improve the airflow for the fans, while maintaining a decent look of the notebook case. overall improvements: GPU (GTX680M OC) about 7°C drop at 100% load CPU (i7 2820QM) about 6° drop at 100% load not sure if the two small fans helping that much. you guys think its better if they would suck in the cold air instead of blowing hot air out? the fans are 30x30x7mm. the power is taken from the sata connector. this took me about 3 hours to make.
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