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Found 10 results

  1. I have spent a little time in the past few days looking around this site. I would love for someone to point me in the right direction to a forum that has information that could help me out with my problem. I have a: Alienware M17XR3 Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit Intel I7-2820QM 2.3 Bios InsydeH20 Version 1.0 A12 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M (4x) 4 GB Ram samsung 2.5" 256 SSD (SATA3.0Gbps) It has been an amazing machine for the last 10+ years. Minor issues, nothing that an Alien Respawn could not fix, till now! On battery power it works just perfect. Then I plug it in and it's all OK until I try to do anything, and then the screen goes white. The screen sometimes goes yellow, sometimes blue, but mostly white screen. It will do nothing until I do a hard reset (holding the power button till it turns off and turn it back on) with the power unplugged. If the power is not unplugged then it will go through boot up to windows swirling dots then go white again. If I plug it in and do nothing I can charge it, unplug and continue what i was doing. I have tried a lot of solutions bouncing around the internet, and thought I was having a DC Jack connection issue (replaced the ac/dc power adapter, then the motherboard). I get a better connection now but with the same white screen result. I stumbled into this forum and I'm hoping to find solutions to my issues. Then upgrade like so many others have. Any ideas, comments or suggestions welcome. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hello Techies! New to the forums and I own a Alienware M17X R3 that has never had anything done to it and finally after 9 years the HDD crapped out, i purchased a Samsung SSD that I will be receiving next thursday so just getting a low down on what the proper procedure is. I currently have Bios A03 which will not give me SATA III speeds either from what I have read and will need A08? Will the Dell Bios update work for me or should i be trying to go with A12 unlocked? Can i do the update off windows as soon as do a fresh install on the new SSD? Or do I have to make a bootable usb? Sorry im not dumb with computers but not as smart as I want to be haha Thanks in advance for every ones help! I also want to upgrade my GPU at some point which current is an Nvidia 460M, what is the best/cost effective upgrade I should do and do I have to have a certain Bios to run that as well?
  3. Hey guys whats going on? I have an M17X R3, been running the 780M perfectly fine for about 7 months now. I've updated the driver once before, but it seems I'm having problems with all of the latest releases. Whats happening is when I download the latest driver, I run the setup so the 398.36 folder gets saved on my computer. Well thats what is NOT happening. Every time I run it, I see the folder pop up, but once the Nvidia downloader fails (as it should), the 398.36 folder disappears! I cant figure out how to make it stay there permanent! I've disabled driver signing and everything. Any suggestions?
  4. nvm
  5. Hi guys. As with the title, is there any way to get a m17x r3 to use UEFI or is this just a pipe dream? I read over the internet that this requires Dell company itself to refactor the BIOS and release it to the public. Well if that's the case many believe it would be easier to land a man on Mars then to get Dell's help on this issue. Does the hardware itself plays a roll in updating to UEFI ? Well if the motherboard itself doesn't support UEFI and its more of a hardware limitation rather than a software, please let me know and I'll let this dream go, once and for all. Well if not, does anyone else knows of any other way to get a m17x r3 to UEFI-capable ? Imagine fast-booting into win10 and more importantly, a chance to get a 980M working in a m17x r3. (from my understanding 880M is as far as the m17x r3 can go as the 980M requires UEFI-capabilities) I know my laptop is approaching 7 years old and by now most m17xr3 are phrased out but i still believe there are some owners out there still kicking about with their madly modded-out r3s (like me). Thanks for the read
  6. Hi guys So i think im going to run into an issue and may need some help I currently have a M17xr3-3D with a 580m.. Which died its the 3rd one, which is in need of an upgrade anyway. So i'm planning on buying a 780m which i will need an unlocked bios for. Only problem is i believe i need to access the bios to get the new card working As i've seen this in the sellers info installing their card in a M17x R2 R3 1. Flash bios with (R2) A10 or (R3) A12 , unlocked Bios 2. a) Disable onboard HD audio (/R3 Disable onboard grahpic card <- this don't apply to me as i have the 120hz 3d) Disable IDT GPU in advanced settings //R3 change display model from SG to PDG 3. Install Card 4. Install this driver with the .ini mod (easy): Is there anyway i can get my hand on a bios with those settings preconfigured so i have blind flash? otherwise im just going to keep getting beeps?
  7. Hi there, a few days ago I accidentally activated the internal grafics of my M17xR3 via the Unlocked A12 BIOS fromthis site in order to fix a problem with my grafics card. The problem is though that that option isn´t available in a factory version of the Bios because the internal grafics don´t work together with the 120Hz screen. Because of that change the Laptop is unable to boot so I can´t even access the BIOS anymore. I already tried to change using Fn+F7 and an external scrren but that didn´t help. I also reseted the Bios, but didn´t work since the internl grafics are enabled by default. I don´t get any beeps. I thought of a few solutions to this problem: - I could buy a screen that is supported by the internal grafics. The problem is that I don´t know what the internal grafics support and if the screen´s plug would fit. Does anybody know something about the R3´s internal grafics? - I could blind flash the BIOS to another version. Now I´m not sure if that will work, because I don´t really know what an unlocked BIOS is. Is it a Bios with added features to give the user more possabilities or is it a version that makes options visible wich also existed in the factory version of the BIOS but were invisible because of technical limitations? I currently have an unlocked A12 for the Ailienware M17xR3 installed but in that Bios version the internal grafics are activated by default. However this is not the case in the factory version of the A12 BIOS. Do you guys think If it would fix the problem? I currently have Windows 8.1 installed but the system came with Windows 7. I plan to follow this guide for blind flashing: Link -I could blind flash the BIOS with the same unlocked BIOS that I have already installed. I know that wouldn´t change anything, but maybe I could manipulate the default settings so it would work again. Maybe someone has an Idea or two to help me out I would be very happy to be able to work with the machine again! (I mostly need it for Video editing) Loundlim - -
  8. Hello, everyone. I just got an nonworking m17xr3 for free. I changed out the motherboard (youtube tutorials) and it's working great now. I just need to figure out which gpu I should pick out for it. I am looking for the best card with good driver support and compatibility.
  9. Well sometime ago I disable the integrated graphics using the unlocked A08 BIOS. However, yesterday for some reason I was going to re-enable it again and made a mistake in selecting the wrong option on the Video Setting setup page. After that my computer has been unable to boot up and I get a blank screen. I tried the BIOS recovery by placing a usb stick on the eSATA port with the file named PAR00X64.fd and I get usb activity, a lot of beeps after that and two reboots, however, i get back to the blank screen again. I tried using all the available video outputs (vga, hdmi, display port) and it was a no go. I could only managed to see the intel raid driver screen via hdmi but after that I get a blank screen. My issue is not hardware related, more of a software issue and if i could manage to revert the BIOS to the default settings everything would get back to normal. My PC is an m17xR3 running the unlocked A08. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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