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Found 15 results

  1. Hey Everyone, First off, YOU TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR FLASHING THIS! YOU WILL NOT HOLD ME RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PROBLEMS YOU MAY RUN IN TO BY FLASHING MY MOD! YOU WILL NOT HOLD TECHINFERNO RESPONSIBLE, EITHER! THIS IS YOUR CHOICE! Now on to the good stuff... I've officially cracked it - either by luck or persistence (I'm thinking LUCK, lol) - A11 UNLOCKED BIOS FOR m18Xr2 (UNLOCKED BY SVL7 - FULL CREDIT GOES TO HIM FOR UNLOCKING!) Here is what I've added/updated/modded/changed/etc... ADDED LEGACY SUPPORT FOR THE m18XR2 - You can now run Windows 7 with 900 series nVidia GPU's! Changed the Default GPU from PEG to IGFX - No need to tear down laptop anymore. 8-Beeps are a thing of the PAST! Updated the Intel RST Legacy to v12.9.0.2006 (Supports TRIM in RAID0 - CONFIRMED) Updated Intel RST UEFI to v12.9.0.2006 (Supports TRIM in RAID0 - CONFIRMED) Updated the ONBOARD Video Card for the HD3xxx to v2171 - FROM v2132) Updated ONBOARD Video Card for the HD4xxx to v2171 - FROM v2132) Updated the LAN Firmware & PXE Boot from to v2.0.6.6) ADDED NvMe Support for m18xr2 ADDED M.2 support for m18xr2 Updated CPU Microcode to v29 for the 2900 CPU's Updated CPU Microcode to v1c for the 3900 CPU's Updated CPU Microcode for other supported CPU's if available! Sorry, I don't remember what version, but if it could be updated, it was!) Updated GOP Driver for Intel Sandy Bridge Updated GOP Driver for Intel Ivy Bridge Updated GOP Policy for the m18xR2 Raidriar added the "Package C-States Lock" to my bios mod - THANK YOU RAIDRIAR! YOU TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR FLASHING THIS, AS FLASHING CUSTOM BIOS's HAS SOME RISK!! I AM IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT HAPPENS TO YOUR PC BY FLASHING THIS MOD!! DOWNLOAD INFO: My BIOS MOD should be available in the download section of TechInferno! They have KINDLY offered to host the file, thankfully! You MUST meet the minimum requirements of T|I in order to download files from their download section! PLEASE NOTE: Do not distribute this file. Please tell others that want the file to download it from TechInferno, as the file is GUARANTEED to be clean if you get it from here. If you download it from anywhere else, there is a chance that the code will be changed, and may BRICK your laptop. Therefore, PLEASE make sure you download from here and ONLY here! I'd like to THANK the following people for testing my bios mods to make sure they are safe for the rest of you: Mr. Fox, Raidriar, Rengsey R.H. Jr! Thanks for testing, I'm grateful! RAIDRIAR, from nbr, needs an EXTRA shoutout for testing. He was UTTERLY amazing! He took risks no sane OR INSANE person would! I owe him for testing this! He deserves a LOT of credit for that! Also, I do have an UPDATE to Intel Management Firmware v8.1.64 (I think), but that is a SEPARATE package. If you are interested, you can do that upgrade, too. HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE, if you plan on doing update you MUST do BIOS update FIRST - AGAIN, BIOS UPDATE MUST BE DONE FIRST! AFTER bios update is done, then you can do IME update. If you update the IME then BIOS, YOU WILL BRICK YOUR SYSTEM! YOU MUST DO BIOS FIRST, THEN THE Intel ME Update! If you like this mod that I've done, please donate a couple KEGS of beer to me, as I put a TON of work into this. I put more hours into this than I should have... LoL I can also confirm that this has been tested by MANY people. Mr. Fox, Raidriar, and a few others, and they had NO issues. EXCEPT that they were finally able to install Windows 7 while in legacy mode (set from within bios), and the GPU works completely. The only ting I am still working on is the throttling issue on ALL GPU's (Some worse than others). IF you use Mr. Fox's modded drivers, 355.20 I believe, the throttling issue is minimal with the 780m GPUs. Anything above those drivers seems to throttle all GPU's at a more extreme rate. I AM working on this throttling issue, but I am not sure it's fixable. But I will TRY! Again, I hope you ALL like this, and that it helps you out. Lastly, IF you flash my MOD and you decide to purchase another 900 series GPU, please make sure you use woodstackz, as he sells them at the best rates. Please let him know you are purchasing the GPU because of this mod, as it will help me out a little! I hope you like this! Swick Link To Donate: EDIT: I forgot to put fparts.txt in the rar file with all the other files. sorry about that. I'm including it here on this post! SORRY! PS. I AM working on porting ALL these mods to the m17xR4, but dont know if I can get LEGACY SUPPORT ported! I AM TRYING, but if I can't, I'll be able to port EVERYTHING else... File download link:
  2. Dell recently posted a new BIOS for the M11x R3 on their support site - A05. Grab it here: M11x R3 - BIOS A05 Release notes: Since that's only half the fun I also unlocked the hidden menus, see attachment. As always with modified BIOS - use at your own risk, don't change anything you aren't familiar with. _ M11x-R3_A05_[unlocked].zip
  3. Version 2.0.0


    Bios Release Version – v2.0.0 Updated or Modded Items: A11 UNLOCKED BIOS FOR m18Xr2 (UNLOCKED BY SVL7 AND FULL CREDIT GOES TO HIM FOR UNLOCKING!) SVL7 Also created the PRR2.EXE tool that allows you to flash the new bios by unlocking it. (FULL CREDIT GOES TO HIM FOR THAT FILE PRR2.EXE) Here are ALL the things I've added, modded, and enhanced on this bios - I've added FULL LEGACY SUPPORT ON THIS BIOS with ONE or TWO CARDS (SLI). You can FINALLY use Win 7 OS on your machine and run the 900 series GPU's! This is a MAJOR breakthrough! LEGACY SUPPORT Confirmed. Works with 900 series GPu's in single OR SLI formation Updated the Intel RST Legacy to v12.9.0.2006 (Supports TRIM in RAID0 - CONFIRMED) Updated Intel RST UEFI to v12.9.0.2006 (Supports TRIM in RAID0 - CONFIRMED) Updated the ONBOARD Video Card for the HD3xxx to v2171 - FROM v2132 Updated ONBOARD Video Card for the HD4xxx to v2171 - FROM v2132 Updated the LAN Firmware & PXE Boot from to v2.0.6.6 ADDED NvMe Support for m18xr2 ADDED M.2 support for m18xr2 Updated CPU Microcode to v29 for the 2900 CPU's Updated CPU Microcode to v1c for the 3900 CPU's Updated GOP Driver for Intel Sandy Bridge CPU Updated GOP Driver for Intel Ivy Bridge CPU Updated MAIN GOP Policy module for the m18xR2 Eliminated some code that wasn't used in the m18xR2 Updated CSM Module (v2) Streamline some coding to make mod(s) run a little more efficiently (v2) Added FPARTS.TXT to rar file in v2. (I had forgot to add it in v1) v2.5 to be released shortly. I've updated a few more modules that I didn't realize could be updated. (It's only 3 modules, but it's still an update!) It should be released in about a week. Hope this helps ya'll! Instructions to flash: Use a flash drive to create a boot disk into dos Unzip ALL files into the root of the flash drive (flash.bat, r2final.bin, fpt.exe, flash.bat, prr2.exe, fparts.txt,m18r2.hdr, m18r2.hdr.bin, readmefirst.txt) BOOT INTO DOS – Note, that when you set the bios to legacy in order to boot into dos, you MAY have to reinstall OS! (Just be prepared to reinstall no matter what) Once you boot into dos, run the file flash.bat It will unlock your bios (THANKS TO SVL7’s BIOS UNLOCKING TOOL – ALL CREDIT TO HIM FOR THIS TOOL!) Let it flash… Reboot your pc, and enjoy the MASSIVE updates! Be on the lookout as I do plan to release newer version with more updates in the future. However, it wont be for at least a few weeks as I'm now working on legacy support for the m17xR4 and several other systems. So please be patient! ENJOY! Thread link for more information and discussion:
  4. . So... Dell/Alienware managed to confuse a lot of users with their latest BIOS updates from last week. Version A08 of the M14x R2 as well as the M17x R4 and also A07 of the M18x R2 made a quick appearance on the Dell support site, only to vanish again shortly after - apparently to be replaced with A09 respectively A08. To make the confusion perfect, Dellienware once more decided not to publish any change log, not even a tiny bit of useful information. (I already bothered some Dell reps with this, but no success so far... they're always telling that my emails will be forwarded to the proper people...). Anyway, even though severe, I don't want to discuss the change log problem at this place. So what's up with those new BIOS? It's hard to miss that some numbers are missing between the last bios update and the current releases. Anyone who's slightly familiar with software updates and naming will realize that this is already and indication that quite some changes have been made - obvious, right? Huge parts of the firmware got revised and new modules were added as well. To keep it short, the bios (or UEFI to be more precise) is now officially Windows 8 ready. You may have already read that Microsoft requires the OEMs to have certain functions in the UEFI available (namely Secure Boot) in order get the systems 'Windows 8 certified'. Just to quickly clarify something, you don't need a 'Windows 8 certified' machine in order to run Windows 8, neither do you require Secure Boot, but the OEMs are pretty keen on this certificate as customers seem to prefer systems with certain stickers on them. What's this Secure Boot stuff? And how does this affect me? Secure boot is a protocol, a part of the UEFI, designed to ensure that a system gets booted in a so-called trusted state. This means a state that is known to be secure, that the firmware code has not been tampered with and is a direct copy which comes from a trusted source (e.g. the manufacturer of the used UEFI variation). Secure boot handles this with a system of different functions and interfaces as well as a key system. It makes sure that all external images have to pass a predefined authentication before they get executed. It is designed to prevent attacks which target the firmware to OS handoff. What secure boot won't do is protecting the firmware from direct attacks, e.g. manipulated bios updates and similar ... and this is where we come to secure firmware updating. Some of you may have noticed or read that coming from an 'old' bios version it is no longer possible aynmore to (easily) downgrade to an earlier version once you have flashed A08/A07 or later. This is because Dellienware decided to implement a way to verify firmware updates, in the case of the Insyde UEFI it is 'secure flash'. The UEFI image, the drivers which are required at boot etc. are all digitally signed. Now if you want to update your BIOS, this is what happens (simplified): - Flash utility checks the firmware image for integrity. - If ok, the image gets sent to the system - System reboots, starts the pre-uefi environment and starts the authentication process on the file which is to be flashed - If this check passes, and only then, the software environment for the flash gets launched, firmware gets updated. I have to admit that secure boot without implementing a method for secure firmware updating makes pretty much no sense at all, so it's obvious that this would come sooner or later, especially with Microsofts requirement for the Win8 certification. The consequence of this is that the user gets locked out of his own system. A (hobbyist like me) is no longer able to tweak the firmware of his system in order to use hardware the way he wants. Same goes for benchers, power users, hardware enthusiasts etc. who like to flash a modified bios in order to get access to disabled settings or activate certain CPU extensions which the system manufacturer locked out. The digital signing which gets used in UEFI is really sophisticated, so don't even ask about creating own signatures or revers engineering it. This is the end of bios modding (and especially easy flashing) as we know it. While I have hope that it will be able to find some workarounds for the current AW systems, I have reasons to believe that it will be much more difficult to achieve this with a system which comes with the secure boot function implemented by stock. One thing is for sure, if you intend to use a modified firmware, secure boot needs to be disabled ...but it is obvious that the issue with the secure firmware update (in our case 'secure flash') persists, even with secure boot turned off (for the reasons mentioned above). I don't want to read all this / To much technical details, what are the conclusions of all this for me? Do you use / want to use a modified bios on a current AW system (M14xR2, M17x R4, M18xR2)? If no - doesn't really matter for you, just go ahead and update to the latest bios which Dell provides for your system. If yes... - If you're still on an 'old' BIOS (pre-A08/A07 when looking at the official releases) then you can for example stay there and flash forth and back between a modified and stock bios, as long as the stuff you flashes predates A08 respectively A07 (again, I'm only talking about public, official releases). If you want to update to the latest version, keep in mind that you won't be able to easily downgrade anymore once you're on one of those new bios. You won't be able to easily flash a modified version either, unless you directly flash a modified when coming from an 'old' bios. In this case the mod will flash fine, but the consequences are the same, you won't be able to downgrade anymore easily, neither will you be able to just flash a newer modified bios. And if you already flashed a unmodified new bios and want to get a modified one... shit happens. Contact me in the corresponding thread of your model and we might be able figure out something. Let me know if you have any questions, some explanations might not be sufficient if you're not a bit familiar with all this stuff.
  5. Hello, I have a little problem with my laptop (M17r4): once out of ten times I am able to boot normaly. Otherwise I get a repetitive one bip from the speakers and it doesn't boot. After some talk with Dell people, it could come from a corrupted bios. All the internal Dell diagnostics are OK (RAM, CPU,...). So I tried to flasn a new Bios ( am currently in A09). From Windows, the update program will execute very quickly and when it reboots, I get a "insyde H20-secure flash error : invalid firmware image". Then the system is reseted... If I try the update from a USB stick, I boot on the stick, run the official bios update and I get a " Test." And then nothing... I tried with official A09, 10, 11, 12 and even 08. Same behavior... I run Windows 7, legacy boot. If someone has any idea on how to fix that, your help would be appreciated. 😀 Thanks.
  6. New Bios for the M14x R2 is up on the Dell site, includes one fix besides Win8.1 support: Link: Driver Details | Dell US
  7. New bios for the AW14 on the Dell site. Changelog: Download link (direct): Alienware 14 Bios A06
  8. New Bios A05 for the Alienware 14 seems to be ready. Changes include: - some XTU related stuff - Intel GOP driver update - various small adjustments - updated EC, probably fan related settings, among others AW14A05.zip
  9. New BIOS got released for the Alienware 17, unfortunately Dell didn't provide at change log, at least not yet... let's hope they don't fall back on old habits and stop providing any information... Here's some information about what has changed: - Intel GOP driver update - some stuff that I think is XTU related - a few minor other adjustments - EC update, a lot of changes, probably also an adjustment of the fan algorithm as in the AW18 A03 bios. >> Download link (direct) <<
  10. First BIOS update for the new Alienware 18 has just been released, grab version A02 here: Driver Details | Dell US >>>>> Before updating to A02 please check whether your machine came with A01, I'm still looking for a dump of that version. If that's the case please wait with updating and let me know so I can tell you how to dump your current version for me. Would be really appreciated. >>>>> Changelog A02: 1. Update Intel GOP 5.0.1032. 2. Update Intel VBIOS 2175. 3. Modify load default behavior in Setup Menu. 4. Enhance secure boot function. 5. Enhance Panel information interface. 6. Update Microcode 306C3h Rev.09h. 7. Add New ROM part support. 8. Disable WLAN ASPM L0s. 9. Modify SATA configuration behavior for tool load default. 10. Add CMFC OEM Project Function.
  11. That was quick... A09 is available on the Dell site. Or not. At least I grabbed it... if you can't access it, grab the attachement. Dell link: Drivers and Downloads | Dell [united States] Let us know how it goes. As with A08, I think you won't be able to easily downgrade to anything older than A08. M14x R2 - BIOS A09 -stock-.zip
  12. Another day, another bios update... grab it while it lasts Dell link: Drivers and Downloads | Dell [united States] And of course it is also attached to the post so you can actually download it... lol. Cheers! M17x R2 - BIOS A08 -stock-.zip
  13. A08 is soooo yesterday, so come and grab A9 Dell link: Drivers and Downloads | Dell [united States] File is also attached since the link probably won't work for a while. M17x R4 - BIOS A09 -stock-.zip
  14. Dell just published a new BIOS version for the R4, A05 Download link (direct) No change log on the Dell site, no idea what's up with Dell, pretty annoying if you ask me, releasing something like this with no change log. Maybe [MENTION=4186]Alienware-Frank_L[/MENTION] can provide some more information? EDIT: Seems this BIOS brings 680m overclocking & boosting... pretty cool!
  15. I didn't realize this so far, but BIOS A03 for the M18x R2 is up on the Dell support site. According to the date there it got released the same day as the M17x R4 BIOS A05. So this might fix the GPU software overclocking issue as A05 did on the R4... would be interesting to hear! No change log included on the website... really a bad practice Dell started here, back in the early M17x R2 and M15x days they included a highly detailed change log as .txt file, they really should bring this back. [MENTION=4186]Alienware-Frank_L[/MENTION] , [MENTION=4614]Alienware-Luis_Pardo[/MENTION] or any other AW representative here... do you have any insights on the change log? Download links: Dos version Win version
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