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Found 4 results

  1. I posted about this over here, but that has not gained much traction, so I figured that this might be a better place to ask. The full details are in the Reddit post, in case I forget something here, but essentially, I am having trouble with what appears to be a CPU TDP throttle restricting my 3920xm overclock when the package power reaches 55W. My specs are: System: M17x R4 CPU: 3920xm GPU: GTX 980m RAM: 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 1333MHz OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit (MBR/legacy boot with Optimus) PSU: 330W BIOS: A11 Unlocked No matter what multiplier I set in the BIOS or Intel XTU for any combination of 1, 2, 3, or 4 cores active (currently trying 42x for all) my CPU still throttles back to 3.6GHz under a benchmark. Moderate loads of around 50% see a max ratio of 40x~41x but still not meeting the overclock I set. Under a full load at 3.6GHz my CPU is only reaching about 88º C with both an upgraded CPU fan and a repaste, so I don't think that thermal throttling is causing this trouble at the moment. ThrottleStop lights up the "TDP Throttle" indicator when this happens, and looking under TPL shows that ThrottleStop is reading a Turbo Boost power limit of just 55W (which is Intel's factory max). I do have "Turbo PWR Limit MSR Lock" disabled in my BIOS, and current limits maxed. To be fair, though, this BIOS is still very unfamiliar and difficult to navigate for me, so I could very well have incorrectly adjusted some values. Is there a way to force the (Turbo) TDP limit higher than 55W? Is my system actually capable of sending more power than this to the CPU? Is there maybe something wrong with my CPU that causes it to ignore my BIOS settings?
  2. I have M17X R4 /w 3630QM, 980M. GPU installation is nicely done and I have a job for CPU. At the first time I thought about 3940XM OEM, but it's beyond my budget. Too Expensive.... almost over 600 USD! So I'm trying to buy 3940XM QS instead, but 3920XM OEM is on my mind either. 3940XM QS is manufactured later than 3920XM OEM, and if that is true 3940XM QS could be better than 3920XM, even 'OEM'. (I'm told that!) So I'm still hesitant to buy CPU. Is there anyone knows which one is better for overclocking stability? (most important thing is temp, or 'yield' another word?)
  3. As I recently shared, I've upgraded my m17x R4 with a 3920xm ES CPU I bought on eBay - and I've been tweaking it a lot in the past days. I have my multipliers set at 44x1, 43x2, 42x3, and 41x4 cores. This appears to be as high as I can go without significant instability. The current settings ARE stable as long as the notebook is on a good hard surface (I also added bigger feet to the back to aid in air intake) but I'm noticing WHEA error 19's in my event log. These are processor parity check errors, basically saying it went back and checked its work and found that it got a different result the second time, forcing it to redo the calculation. This signifies that I'm on the edge of instability, and a google search indicated that the usual solution was to bump the CPU voltage up a *tiny* bit - However it appears that I cannot exceed my current 1.331v max (via HwInfo64 monitoring.) I can set the value higher in Intel Extreme Tuning platform and it appears to take the value (it even shows the increase in BIOS upon reboot) but going higher than +105mv (corresponds to 27 "additional turbo voltage" in BIOS) stops yielding higher max voltages in HwInfo64 - and appears to have no effect on CPU stability. When I look at Intel XTU / ThrottleStop screenshots of this same CPU being used in m18x's, I see vcore voltages of ~1.5v being achieved - enabling notably higher multipliers, but after lots of tinkering I'm unable to exceed 1.331v on my system. Is this a hardware limit of the M17x R4's mobo? A firmware/BIOS limit? Any suggestions for bypassing it? Other posts indicate that if I could even ramp up my voltage by something like +.05v, that could be enough to stop the parity check warnings without requiring me to reduce my speed - and I'll admit I'd sure love to see the 46x4 multi's that are being achieved at 1.5v... someday... with an overclocker's warranty from Intel.
  4. Hello all. I just received a 3920xm CPU for use in my M17x R4. After a bit of standard tinkering it is working great! With the addition of this new CPU, I have some new options visible in my modded A10 BIOS by svl7. The Advanced CPU Control window now shows "Config TDP Configurations" at the bottom. I will post some screenshots of these new options, which I have to do anything with. Here's my question: HwInfo64 shows my new CPU's microcode revision number as 10. I'm used to seeing 15 there, as revision 15 is included with the A10 version of the system BIOS. I'd like to load microcode revision 15 onto this new CPU by repeating my original procedure for loading A10 modded BIOS - but I'm not sure if the XM CPU's have a different version of the microcode. If I attempt to update the 3920xm's microcode with the copy included in the A10 BIOS, will that cause problems? Will I perhaps lose any XM functionality of this CPU? Sorry if that's a dumb question but this is my first XM CPU!!
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