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Found 15 results

  1. Hi! Help me please Unlock hidden additional menus Remove whitelist thanks https://s4.dosya.tc/server14/t7mjme/lenovo_B590__LA58_MB_11273-1_48.4TE05.011.rar.html
  2. Hi, I need remove WIFI whitelist from Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E431 laptop. bios version is HEET52WW Is it possible to remove whitelist on this bios version?
  3. Hi there! I'm interested to know what is the best Wifi/bluetooth adapter that i can install on a clevo P150EM. All new models come in M.2 form factor, and the P150EM only has the mPCIe conection. I've searched and found out that there are m.2 to mpcie connecter adapters but i don't know if the adapter+ the wifi card will fit under my keyboard (the place where the mpcie is located), and even if it fits, i still need connector adapters for the antenna plugs. Any help is much apreciated
  4. Hello! I have a Lenovo Y50 with a shitty Wifi-Card and i wanted to unlock the BIOS, so i can replace it with a better one! Now I saw there are Instructions for the Y500 but none for the Y50! Is there a possibility for me to unlock it on my own, or do I have to rely on other Users on this Forum, who know how to do it? Greatly appriciate any help regarding that matter :/. My BIOS is on V1.13 by the way.
  5. Okay guys got a real tech question for ya! Will this device ( http://www.amazon.co.uk/E-SDS-Extender-Converter-Transmitter-Receiver/dp/B017D1V1WO/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1454156125&sr=8-17&keywords=hdmi+transmitter ) transmit from HDMI transmitter to Wi-Fi extender RJ45 Receiver to Wi-Fi RJ45 transmitter (In another room) to HDMI Receiver and still get perfect 1080p quality with very little loss? Really good question, don't ya think? It's cheaper than the Fibre optic route but also no (HDMI + Audio) cables to the TV.. Thanks Spot...
  6. I would like to update Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro v3505 with new mPCI 802.11ac card, but after installing new hardware, BIOS shows WiFi options as lighten (not possible to change state disable/enable). Windows 10 sees the card in Device Manager (drivers installed for WiFi and BT) but the device seems not working? Do I need to flash some unlock BIOS or it is different issue?
  7. So I have this interesting problem involving my laptop, Logitech USB wireless mouse and ASUS USB wifi stick. On my Lenovo Y500, I have 3 USB ports. One on the right side and two on the left. My internet will only work at a high quality if the wifi stick inserted into the right port. Otherwise the internet is slow and clunky. The mouse works fine in the left. However, if I play a game on Steam, my mouse will sometimes skip and freeze when it's plugged into a left port. So I have to switch the mouse and wifi stick so that the mouse is on the right side and the wifi is on the left. When I'm in the game they will then both work fine, including for internet gaming. But browsing websites in this state makes it slow as per usual with the wifi stick being on the left side. I know that was a lot to take in. May take more then one read to make sense. Any idea what's going on? It seems bizarre that these things happen, and is quite inconvenient. Thanks.
  8. Hello, Any one have an idea (strong/factual idea) on what goes in this 4 sockets? also can i add multiple wifi card or even a 4G/LTE simcard through an internal adapter? the notebook is a Eurocom panther 5- Clevo P570WM thanks
  9. Hey everyone and thanks for reading my first thread on Tech Inferno! A while back I downloaded Throttlestop in hopes that I could at least get my CPU to maintain its turbo clock of 3.2GHz, which is a whopping 800 MHz boost from the 2.4GHz stock clock. Anyway, I noticed that after running some benchmarks to test stability (it was stable) that I was downloading things a lot slower. I didn't correlate the two until after a while of trying to figure out what the heck happened and ruled out everything except for hardware damage, then I decided to test it. After benchmarking my download speed (which was originally 7.4MB/s peak) and seeing that I was getting 5.9MB/s peak, I decided to open Throttlestop again and disable BD PROCHOT again. Then I played Skyrim for about an hour. Finally I benchmarked my download speed over wifi again and I was only getting 2.9MB/s peak at this point. So, I have essentially confirmed that because of the location of the wifi adapter, it takes a lot of the heat from the CPU. If the CPU goes above the operating temperature of your wifi adapter (not the CPU itself), you risk damaging your wifi adapter. So be sure not to disable BD PROCHOT on your Lenovo Y500. To be specific, the operating temperature of the Centrino 2230 is 80 Celsius, and the Core i7 is 105 Celsius. So, even though your CPU can get hotter without shutting itself down, your wifi adapter cannot take the added heat and will very likely be damaged in a way that inhibits its performance. It isn't just download speed either, it's upload, ping, and connection stability too. My system specs when I did this: Lenovo Y500; Intel Core i7 3630QM, Intel Centrino 2230, Nvidia Geforce GT 750M, 8GB 1600MHz DDR3, 1TB HDD, 60GB Mushkin Atlas Value, DVD R/W
  10. I want to replace my current Wifi card with a new one. The problem is, i take apart the back and the place to do so doesn't seam to be just quite reachable that way. By that i'm wondering; first, is possible to swap out my card and to say its a PCI Mini port to do so, second if i can actually completely take apart my notebook to get the card without ruining my PC. Any help on doing so or which method/s would be best, would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hello! Please can you help me to remove WiFi white list? -Model : Lenovo B590 -UEFI Bios Revision : H1ET69WW (v1.12) -UEFI Bios Date: 2012-11-15 -Embedded Controller Version: H1EC31WW (v1.11) -Machine Type Model: 62742BG -Bios backup link : BIOSBAKK_64.ROM Actually my problem happens while flashing a modded image, I got Error 104 - The 2 SPI flash devices do not have compatible command sets. "Screenshot": 2014-08-08 23.23.20.jpg Thanks a lot, regards.
  12. Hi everyone, I have gone through a lot of pages of this forum (related to eGPU and overclocking) and they really are very useful but not able to find anything good for my laptop. My laptop is Alienware M14Xr1 with following configurations : Intel core i7 2860QM Nvidia GT555m (3GB) 8GB primary memory 1600Mhz 750GB secondary memory 7200RPM (698.4 GB usable) 900p screen I want to use a eGPU setup in my system. Could anyone please tell me whether it is possible or not to use - In my system there are following ports available - 2xUSB3.0, 1xUSB2.0, 1xHDMI1.4, 1xMiniDisplayPort, 1xVGA, 1xEthernet1000mbps, (I think none of these will be helpful in eGPU setup ) But i have heard that if you remove your wireless card then you can plug in your eGPU there. Is it true, Please anyone share your experience with me related to this setup.
  13. Hi Techies and geniuses community, I will upgrade the network card of my laptop GT683DXR, so I bought the Intel Network 7260.HMWG WiFi Wireless-AC (if someone need the amazon link just ask me for it), is a PCIe Half Mini Card, so my questions are: Will I need change the bios or do something to get the card work or is it just plug & play? No, the card just work without any changes in the bios, indeed was plug n play, windows 7 detect the new hardware but didn't found a driver so I download the drivers from the intel web page installed and everything works fine! Will the wireless button in Quick Launch Touch Sensors work with this card (buttons bar on the keyboard)? YES, all the buttons in the quick launch works, even the Fn+F8, so not found problems. Note: just go ahead! is a great upgrade for the MSi GT683 series, and you will have the new wifi standard 802.11 AC. any comment about this would be handy thanks in advance.
  14. I use PS3 Media Server on my desktop computer to host media files that I play on my PS3. I stream the files wirelessly from my new Netgear AC router, directly to the PS3, which doesn't have AC capability. I periodically get some jittering and skipping during playback if the media file is high def (especially high def audio) - it's very annoying. I'm wondering if anyone has solved this type of problem by setting up an AC router to AC router wireless link, and then plugging their media player (in my case, a PS3) into the second AC router with a bonafide ethernet cable. Thanks in advance for your help.
  15. Is the WLAN card on the GX60 replaceable? If so, are there any good ABGN cards that will work with the WiFi button on the GX60? I opened up the bottom case of the GX60 but could not find any mPCI WiFi card in it. Any idea where could it be? I would like to avoid stripping apart the laptop and mess it up.
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