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Found 33 results

  1. Aisthetikos

    Lenovo y510p 750m SLI 8GB or 16GB?

    I noticed that the 750 SLI y510p laptop on Lenovo now includes 16GB of RAM. The model I purchased off of the outlet only included 8GB of RAM. So, the age old question; Will I benefit graphics wise by going to 16GB from 8GB? I have read that increasing the RAM will allow a video card to use more system memory, capping at 4GB. My impression is that a single card would not benefit from the increase. But what about the SLI configuration? Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone. I'm new here. My laptop is Y510p gt750m SLI. Recently I want to use the intel 4600 graphic card to save my battery. But I can only install the intel drive with the second gt750m pulling out from ultrabay. When I plug in the second GT750m, I can not find intel 4600 any more. So how can I make SLI and the intel 4600 coexist in my system?
  3. epicepe

    Y400 external GPU using Ultrabay

    I have a Y400, a 3D printer and a plan. I want to get a desktop GPU roughly compatible with the 650m -- GTX 650? -- and wire it up to my GPU-less Ultrabay. Having looked at the teardown pictures, it looks like something sort of kinda similar to a normal PCI port. Is this at all possible?
  4. shyd

    Y510p grey flickering in SLI

    Hi, recently I bought a Y510p 59400120 with two 755m in it. When I use chrome and browse to model-kartei.de the bottom grey is flickering like hell. It doesn't happen in firefox though. If I remove one graphics card the problem is gone. Do you guys have the same problem and even a fix for that? Thanks shyd
  5. Like the subject title says, would you be interested in an article from Tech|Inferno that details purchasing and installing a 780M SLI in an Alienware M18x? We have old benchmark results with the 680M SLI + 7970M Crossfire which we could compare to it as well. Let us know!
  6. Conker

    Nvidia GTX Titan SLI

    Nvidia GTX Titan SLI or as @Brian says "Damn you Conkers!" So there it is, the real successor of the GTX580 chip, how much rumour was out there over the months. Nvidia broke my resistance, I had to buy at least one card. I managed to get two of those beasts, I know the price is ridiculous but for a triple display setup it's totally worth it. The cards are working in my Xigmatek case along with the GTX670, which is now dedicated to Physx. At the time Intel will release Haswell processors, I'll move the cards in a smaller case with an mATX board. My Xigmatek Elysium case is reserved for another project, which I will show to you at a later date, maybe by the end of this week or next week. Comparison: Asus MarsII vs Asus GTX Titan vs Asus GTX670 DCII Top System overview: Benchmark results: i7-3960X@4.6Ghz|GTX Titan SLI@997/1036/1502 (core/boost/memory) all screenshots viewable on SkyDrive link below 3DMark (2013): Ice Storm: 174921 Cloud Gate: 37593 Fire Strike: 15669 Fire Strike Extreme: 9056 (9999GPUscore damn ) 3DMark11: Entry: 26584 Performance: 22121 Extreme: 10498 3DMark Vantage: Entry: 94976 Performance: 60240 Extreme: 48495 Unigine Heaven: Extreme: 3350 / 133.0FPS Unigine Valley: ExtremeHD: 5061 / 121.0FPS Full resolution pics and benchmarks: Click here
  7. Ok so I'm curious about everyone's views with regards to these two GPU manufacturers. Specifically, I'm interested in which you prefer (or if you're neutral state why). Criteria to consider: Driver quality Features Game developer support and compatiblity Hardware (reliability) Cost My pick: nVidia but they are far from perfect too. My reasons: 1. nVidia clearly has better drivers. This is especially true with SLi but even with single GPU, they have drivers that are more consistent in games and applications across the board. 2. Features: nVidia again dominates. Physx, CUDA (which I use for encoding), 3D support (will talk about this later), FXAA etc. 3. Game dev support: nVidia has their "The Way Its Mean to Be Played" game developer support program that the end user clearly benefits from with day 1 driver support from some of the latest AAA titles. This is especially true with regards to SLi profiles. 4. HW reliablity: this is where nVidia takes a hit. Traditionally, they seem to break down easier than their AMD counterpart. Furthermore, there are throttling schemes put in place via software by nVidia and ODMs like Dell for certain systems (e.g. M17x-R3 with its 78C throttle point) that make using these cards a headache at times. 5. AMD again wins most of the time with cheaper video cards and at least 80-90% of the performance of nVidia. With regards to 3D support, its currently broken for mobile systems. Whenever someone connects their nVidia card to an external monitor/TV thats 3D capable, it displays some message about the hardware being for internal testing. This is a known issue that nVidia has ignored and not addressed--definitely a poor showing. Aside from that, I think nVidia has done a stellar job with their mobility and desktop range. The performance is top notch, SLi scales perfectly and their drivers are nearly flawless.
  8. Title says it all. i have in front of me a set of 675m's and 6990m's. which would perform better in terms of speed and reliability? don't really care about battery power since i use my laptop on ac power all the time. yes i know the 675m's are rebadged 580m's, got them as cheap as chips so thought they would be of some use in the future. i have an m18x r2! any help appreciated

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