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  1. Do this bios allow me to overclock more my CPU or just a GPU?
  2. If for some reason you will be unable to do this, you can always use AlienAdrenaline to customize keyboard look during specific game/app
  3. Liquid Ultra - i repaste with is and for ex my Gpu with overclocking was about 90 celcius after 30 mins of playing crysis 1 on A08 bios and after repaste it never rises above 75c. I also read a comparison between this pastes and Liquid Ultra is the best because of its performance and it is Easy to apply
  4. I don't know how you can run crysis 3 on max settings with 30fps. I have i7 2,20 GHZ , Nvidia GT555M 3GB and standard lcd 1366x768 and even if i overclock (without vmods just afterburner and standard bios) i get 15 fps avarage.(anti-aliasing - off)
  5. Yes i have the same opinion. Win 8 is a great system for touching screens, very intuitive and beautiful, although It is hard to me to accustom with this "tiles". Too much win xp and win7
  6. I changed termal paste on Cpu/Gpu and upgrade bios to A08 and the fan noise is no longer a problem. (Also with a overclock both Cpu and GPU. ) R1 is a good balance between price, mobilty and power
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