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  1. Hi, I have an Alienware m17x R4 and decided to upgrade the BIOS to A11 with this thread. After this, I tweaked some options on the unlocked BIOS setup and after reboot, got sequences of 5 beeps with a black screen. Searched on google about how to fix that, tried some blind flash methods and no success. So, I went to dell website and found this: After doing this, everything was working fine again =), so decided to post it here. Thank you!
  2. ^^ Yep, I think can't do this by myself. But I'll read about anyway =D Thanks!
  3. (Obs.: 15min with the M17xR4 ON after doing this. I turned the notebook off. My BIOS version is A09, so I think you are right and I can't downgrade to A05 for some reason O.o)
  4. Could anyone, please, tell me how much time the system must stay ON with the fans at total speed? How do I know when it finish?
  5. Do anyone know about how to make the keyboard light colors change accordingly the screen color changes? I am with an Alienware m17x R4. I've read about this on google some time ago, but have not find a way to do this yet. Thanks.
  6. The Hobbit. An extraordinary movie (anxious for the next one), BUT with no ending -.-" =/
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