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  1. Hi. I flashed both cards to the new version but when I go to CPU-Z or nvidia inspector says first card(0) has the new firmware but the second(1) still shows the old firmware. I tried to flash them again, during the process both card showed having the new firmware on them already! You know, when it says, it's going from x firmware to the new one, both showed the same. Any help please? Edit: Nevermind. Doing the windows version fixed the issue.
  2. Also, does the windows utility work with Windows 64bit systems?
  3. Can someone else confirm if this works as well as the other method? I'd rather do this one as it sounds easier.
  4. Loving this game. I waited for official patch/s and new nvidia driver to come out first before I started the game. Plays really smoothly although there are some occasions where the fps drops for no reason :/
  5. Mine is a bit noisy too but nothing disturbing.
  6. I believe it's 1.2 mate. I remember reading about it from another forum.
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