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  1. Klem

    MSI GT660R with GTX770M

    Ok. Just post here the link with stock MSI vbios GTX 770M for jonc.
  2. Klem

    Prema Mod BIOS GPU OC Edition for MSI GE-Series

    If you want more, PM me.
  3. Klem

    MSI GT660R with GTX770M

    Just flash this vbios and all be ok. http://forum.techinferno.com/attachments/general-notebook-discussions/9585d1384710662-msi-770m-
  4. Klem

    Msi gt60 onc upgrade to gtx780m throttling issues.

    Of course, just place here your vbios from your GTX 780M. And i think your problem is power hungry. For overclock your configuration you need power supply(power adapter) with more power. For example 220W or 240W, may be from another laptop.
  5. May be. Write me to email, and we can try more attempts.
  6. Klem

    Gtx 870m overclocking..

    GTX 870M is not rebrended GTX 770M! GTX 870M is rebrended GTX 680M with reduced memory bus from 256 to 192. GTX 870M have GK104 chip with 1344 cores. Memory bus 192 bit. GTX 680M have GK104 chip with 1344 cores. Memory bus 256 bit. GTX 770M have GK106 chip with 960 cores. Memory bus 192 bit.
  7. The reasons for this can only be 3 things. 1. Vbios 2. NVidia drivers 3. Windows (registry, etc.) The first two things already tried. There was only Windows. Or need to clean the entire registry or reinstall Windows. Nothing more can not be. Miracles do not happen.
  8. That should not be. You have some sort of problems with the video card. You have a very strong throttling by TDP. I do not know why you have so. Try flash vbios from godfafa. - - - Updated - - - Link do not work. Reload please.
  9. Ok. How much score with this 337.88 driver and stock vbios? And how much voltage for GPU core under 3D Load with stock vbios?
  10. In this ASUS laptop vbios is a part of system bios.
  11. For increase performance and reduce throttling. And you can post your vbios here, and i make some things with it.
  12. Yes, you can try. It is safe. I am just try increase Power Limit and Power Target, and disable Turbo Boost.
  13. Klem

    Gtx 870m overclocking..

    Yes, may be you rise voltage and core clock too high.
  14. Klem

    Gtx 870m overclocking..

    On the your screenshot i do not see green lines in perfcap.
  15. Klem

    Gtx 870m overclocking..

    In mod vbios Turbo boost is already disabled.
  16. How much 3D Mark 2011 graphic score with this variant modifications? GK104.zip
  17. Can you post here your 80.04.E3.00.03 (P2053-0002) vbios?
  18. What program you use for monitoring real current frequency and voltage? Just use Nvidia Inspector and you can see after benchmark that frequency and voltage will reduce.
  19. Klem

    ACER V3 772G bios for overpassing 135mhz overlock limit

    Read carrefuly this thread: Acer Aspire V3-772G variables for setup_var decompiled AcerV.rom you need rename to VA70HWX64.fd
  20. Klem

    ACER V3 772G bios for overpassing 135mhz overlock limit

    Do not try flash it! You can't use this modified bios, you'll lose your serial nr, mac adresses and your windows activation keys. This mod bios based on the native backup from chrono86 laptop, and it is only for his laptop.
  21. Klem

    Gtx 870m overclocking..

    Ok. I understand. This is max for your case. For overclock more you need power supply(power adapter) with more power. But now you have already very nice overclock and result.

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