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  1. unixz

    E6230 cant get rid Error43

    Here is the solution I come up with: 1. try memory with 2GB 2. try win7 64bit 3. use difference psu 4. use GTX series 600
  2. My system has TOLUD of 3.25GB I am trying to get GTX960 to work on this machine but it shows Error43. I have try many combination of PCI compaction. Anyone have done this before or have any suggestion is welcome.
  3. unixz

    Setup 1.30 Discussion

    Has anyone managed to chainload to UEFI ? I dont know what uefi.iso to put in config.bin
  4. unixz

    Setup 1.30 Discussion

    Use mine. jonechov@no_emails_allowed
  5. unixz

    Desperately need Setup 1.30 (paid $25)

    I see you need it so much. I have one. If you couldnt wait, I can give you mine first. Then just wait for Nando to reply.
  6. unixz

    Setup 1.30 Discussion

    Hi Nando, I have been struggling with these for days and so I give up figuring out on my own and seek your help. My system is Lenovo Y450 GT130 version Win8.1 Ram 6GB PE4L 2.1b What I have done is DSDT Override (Large Memory) The problem: 1. When boot with EGPU attached, the system say Error 31. I guess its the driver false. So I install nvidia driver. 2. Then I boot it again with EGPU attached and the driver, it shows blue screen. 3. Maybe it because I didnt do the PCI compaction thing. So i tried and it didn't get pass to the windows. It endup with blackscreen with cursor. If I remember correctly If changes like demoted dgpu then run compaction it get stuck on gathering system detail and never finish. I also attach the diag.zip diag (1).zip
  7. unixz

    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

    I have X230 with HD4000. I have used it before with PE4L since it came out and everything was working as expected include Optimus. Then after sometime I was bored and sold the GTX card. But today I acquired the GTX680 and decided to setup the same route I did many years ago. Plug the card to PE4L -> Connect EC -> Turn on the power -> Turn on X230 So, X230 is on. Everything is working except I couldn't get the Optimus to work. I try difference driver but still no optimus. What am I missing? Need advice.
  8. How can i check Optimus whether its enable or not? My gpuz says PCIE 2.0 x16 @ x1 2.0
  9. love your writing. For apple users, this is the most uptodate how to now. though partB can be used for all egpu users without the error12. just set SW1 to 1
  10. Is this better than using egpu with opt?
  11. unixz

    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

    With usb connected reboot your Mac Hold down alt key at boot until disk selection Are there anything showup?
  12. unixz

    eGPU experiences [version 2.0]

    Have you look at the "How do I install this software?" in Setup1.x page? I guess if you follow it should work.
  13. unixz

    Poor performance with eGPU HELP?!?!?!

    How is your doing? Have you got your orders yet? I just bought x230 today because I coudnt find where to get the setup. If you find one drop me pm.
  14. unixz

    Poor performance with eGPU HELP?!?!?!

    Is there one accepting PayPal?

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